It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but it’s important to stop ask: what’s the end goal?  Knowing where you are trying to go is step one in getting there and so we’ve asked some folks we admire to tell us their end goal and where they want to be by the end of their careers.

Aalaysia Smallwood | Esthetician & Manicurist

My God sized dream is to do charity work with cancer hospitals to provide beauty makeovers to the patients. I’ve lost family members to cancer and I can’t imagine the thoughts of the women and little girls losing their hair and not feeling beautiful. So I want to do my part by providing makeovers for them makeup, wigs, manicures. The works. If I can do my part in making them smile and feel beautiful I want to do just that! Service to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth. I also want to be in the magazine industry as a makeup artist. I feel as a black woman there’s never really a fair chance given in high fashion magazines like vogue and vanity fair as a creative. I want to break those barriers and make space for myself and the other black creatives to come. Read more>>

Kalico Jak | Tropical House DJ & Producer

My End Goal ? Right now even though I’m just still climbing up I would say that I would want my end goal to be me and my family traveling GODS AMAZING CREATION OF A WORLD and playing music and meeting amazing ppl and helping them in any way whether its mentality or spiritually using my music and the vibe I create as an artist. I would just love to Share My Love of Music with the world and hope I impact at least one person if I can do that then it was all worth it. Read more>>

Will Zee’ Tidwell | Serial Entrepreneur & Community Outreach Coordinator

It’s crazy — you all ask that. Because, with everything I do — that’s where I start — the end goal. And for me, the end goal is to be one of the greatest to ever do it. To be able to use my platform, voice, and reach to make not only my community better but the world I live in better than it was before I got here. The goal is to be that voice for the voiceless, the ones who don’t realize how powerful their voice is, or ones they don’t have the power to be heard. That’s the goal and I will do this through utilizing every last one of my gifts, talents, and blessings. That’s success to me and my family. Read more>>