We are suckers for a good rom-com or love story and so we love asking our interviewees to tell us about how they met their significant others.  Check out some of the highlights below.

Amanda Dewey | Online Health & Wellness Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer

Considering I work in the fitness industry, it sounds so cliche’, but my husband and I met at the gym. Once we acknowledged the mutual attraction, I think we both surprised each other with our similar interests. While I definitely “fell” in love, it was more of a gradual slide for my husband. I was a divorced mom of two, and he was an older bachelor, so joining our lives took a ton of compromise for both of us, but now 12 years later with 4 kids and demanding jobs, staying in love is actually probably easier for us than falling in love was! Read more>>

La Toya Carter | Therapist- Author- Speaker

I actually met my husband online. It was either Black People Meet or Plenty of Fish. At the time I had profiles on both so I can’t be totally sure. He saw my profile on both and we now joke that he chased me around the internet. He messaged me and was very nice and you know how it goes, messages in the platform move to texts, and calls, and I believe we were using Voxer back then too. Then we had our first date at Chillis (we later got engaged there). Fun fact I was like an hour and a half late. I was working at a community mental health center and had a crisis with a client. He waited though! For him, it was love at first sight. It took me a little longer. Read more>>

Gaby Arroyo | The Pulga’s Heart Project Co-founder

Mauricio and I went to the same high school. It was a small school and everyone knew each other but Mauricio and I had different group of friends and some in common, but we were never friends in high school. We graduated and went to a different college, until one day a friend in common invited us to a reunion of high school friends and after 4 years of not seeing each other, we met again with different eyes. From that day we are together! Three years dating, one year engaged and 15 years of marriage! Read more>>