Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

AC Hampton | Entrepreneur

Risk-taking is essential for growth. I approach it with a balance of analysis and intuition. Calculated risks are necessary to push boundaries. One of the biggest risks I took was dropshipping, leaving behind stability for new opportunities. This led to significant personal and professional growth. Each risk I’ve taken taught me resilience and adaptability, shaping my success. Without these risks, I wouldn’t have achieved the milestones in my career or gained valuable insights and experiences. Read more>>

Katie Driver | Entrepreneur, Business and Sales Consultant, Interior Designer, Yoga and Cycling Instructor, Mother, Community Member

Risk taking sounds super tricky but it actually is not. While it can have a profound affect on life it is also just a part of decision making. We all make teeny tiny, regular sized and gigantic decisions in our life and the quantifiable risk is always there. Every decision we make whether we deem it as high risk or low is still something that is going to shift, propel or slow down our process in life and work. Read more>>

Chance Blanton | Country artists

Risk taking , umm i don’t really know where to go with that , because in life you have to take risks and you have to make that decision you don’t really want to make . Me personally i think the risk i took in doing everything I’m doing , is not caring about what other’s have to say about what i got going on or what me and my team and family got up next , you’ll never know because we stay focused and ready for anything or any obstacles that come with what we’re doing , but yes i feel like that’s the risk i took, not caring about what anybody has to say about my lifestyle because at the end of the day I’ll forever be Hood country . Read more>>

Ashlyn Willingham | Happy Day Bowtique Owner

It has always been a dream of mine to start something of my own. I never thought I would actually open my own business. When I became a mom, the thought of leaving my daughter to go back to work was heartbreaking. So I quit my 9-5, opened a business with a friend for fun then decided to branch off on my own and turn my business into my career. Now, I am able to stay at home with my 2 kids while making some income, learn new things, be present and turn my dream into reality. Read more>>

Ameirah Aziz | Founder & CMO | Luminara Marketing

Risk plays an important factor in every marketing company’s strategy. It’s important when a client is searching for higher visibility to really step outside of the box and take big leaps towards standing out. For me, the journey of risk-taking began with a monumental leap — leaving behind the security of a “9 to 5” job to pursue my passion for creativity and helping others grow their brands. Launching my own company was perhaps the greatest risk I’ve taken to date. Read more>>

Lisa Featherston | Baker

I am inherently risk averse. I’m often afraid of the unknown and therefore turn to what I’m comfortable with. I find comfort in food and creativity. Baking was once my form of stress relief during law school. For many, many years I baked for family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and basically anyone I could convince to indulge in sweets. I gave away all of my treats for free just because it brought me joy to share with others. When I decided to leave my professional career to become a full time homemaker in 2019, my passion for cooking and baking intensified. Read more>>

Shaun Mecca | Texas Country/Rap Recording Artist

In the music business, you have to take the risk. You have to travel, you have to do that FREE show sometimes, you’re going to come out broke most of the time. But the reward after a show when people are asking for autographs and you see your merch flying off the table is worth that risk. Read more>>

Nancy Guanajuato | Hairstylist

To me taking risks are like necessary evils in life. It’s such a scary thing to do because you never know if you’ll actually succeed or not but you gain so much regardless of the outcome every time. Taking risks has really helped me improve my skill set, personality and customer service. I took a risk getting into this career and will continue to do so to better myself and myself behind the chair. Read more>>

Stacie Seaton | Boutique Owner

Risk is often associated with danger or something bad. It is often used negatively, emphasizing only the setbacks associated with potential actions. We seem to forget that risk also means “possibility”! Risk-taking can be intimidating because of the chance of setbacks, but taking risks can also lead to success that would otherwise be unimaginable. In my business and my personal life, I have learned the importance of taking calculated risks. Read more>>

Rob Cre8 | Marketing & Branding specialist

Playing it safe will get you to a certain level. But to get to the higher levels you will eventually need to take some risks. But before you do you have to make sure you do your homework. If you’re just shooting in the dark you might hit something, but more often than not you won’t. Do your homework, do your research and figure out every single option and avenue for things to go wrong. That way you’re taking a calculated risk and hopefully you’re doing it with the best odds possible for your success. Read more>>

Elizabeth Evans | Personal Stylist & Closet Enthusiast

I’m no stranger to risk, it comes with the territory in my acting and music career, however starting my own business came with risks I had never had before.
When I decided to start my styling and closet business it had to with timing most of all. I have always had part time creative gigs where I answered to someone else and a few 9-5 corporate stints that I never felt like myself in. I finally came to a point in my life that it became clear that it was the time to go out on my own. Read more>>