We were fortunate to catch up with some brilliant artists, creatives and entrepreneurs from throughout the Houston area and they share the wisdom with us below.

Nicole Collie-Jamison | Graphic Designer & Artist

My non-profit was founded based on my personal experience following my divorce. I found myself divorced, without a college degree, and with a young son to care for. As I began to establish myself in the art world, I realized the high costs of marketing materials and websites. Read more>> 

Harry Stith III | Entrepreneur & Content Creator

I am inspired by my mom who at 16 lost her vision and became legally blind. I am inspired by my father who at 18 was drafted into the army to fight in the Vietnam war. I’m inspired by my grandmother who worked as a food service worker and caterer and was severely underpaid for that time. Read more>>


The Lofi music community is incredibly supportive and uplifting. It’s like being part of a tight-knit family where everyone’s rooting for each other’s success. It’s heartwarming how kind and helpful people are, always ready to lend a hand or share knowledge. It’s a side of the industry that often goes unnoticed but truly makes all the difference. Read more>>

Daja Talks | Influencer – spiritual practice

My ultimate objective is to fulfill my purpose in accordance with my faith and positively impact as many lives as possible. I aspire to one day deliver talks that guide individuals on their spiritual journey and contribute to a transformative shift in religious discourse. Read more>>

Leslie Storms | A devoted Yogi living from the heart

The toughest choice I faced was when I had to decide whether to stay in a career for the benefit of someone else. Deep down, I knew that this path did not align with my true passion or calling. It was a challenging period where I had to make tough decisions that impacted not only myself but also those dearest to me. Read more>>

Candace Cain | Founder and CEO

I want my legacy to be twofold: first, as someone who dedicated her life to nurturing and uplifting children, leaving a positive imprint on each young life I’ve encountered. I want to be remembered as the educator who believed in the potential of every child, empowering them to strive for greatness and pursue their dreams. Read more>>