We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Kelli Salas | Entrepreneur

KelMari’s mission is to educate others and raise awareness about the country of El Salvador. I educate on the country’s history, culture, traditions but recently I have focused on informing our followers about the negative impact that COVID-19 is having on the Salvadoran people. KelMari has joined forces with Pazitos, a nonprofit organization based in New York, and is helping raise money to meet the desperate food needs of several communities in El Salvador. With many people losing their jobs in this third world country. Read more>>

Valerie Patterson | Artist

Images have power. As an artist I have a voice. I choose to use that voice to encourage people to see, think, feel and experience their emotions through my paintings. It has been my experience that awareness often replaces ignorance and creates the possibility of change. If you can’t ignore it, then you may feel compelled to change it. Read more>>

Kim Robbins | Fine Art Photographer & Artist

At the most basic level I believe that my job as a photographic artist can bring beauty into peoples lives. In the evolution of my career, first as a fashion model, then as a make-up & hair artist/stylist, portrait photographer, and now as the artist. All of these pathways were about being creative, selling a product, helping and assisting others to be their best, directing and capturing great moments in peoples lives as a photo memory for their family, or for their job, and creating special pieces of art to hang in people’s homes or work environments that would bring an aesthetic to their space that would inspire them every day. Read more>>

Candis Moore | Ad Coordinator & Blogger

When I’m not blogging for GimmeMooreFood, I work full-time at Broadcast Company. I can definitely say, my job is a God sent! I was laid off of my previous job and didn’t know how I was going to pay rent, bills, etc.. I was on LinkedIn and saw my current job was hiring, so I put in an application and got an interview that week. By the grace of God, I was hired the same day and start working a week later! 🙂 Like most jobs, it did get to a rocky start when trying to learn the ropes. Read more>>

Katie Richarme | Owner

The Dancing Rabbit Gallery has a mission of celebrating and educating. We believe that diversity in cultures is to be celebrated, as we all learn different things from different cultures. By educating people, we open them to a much richer understanding of the nuances that shape and guide different cultures. And when we know more about people, we are much more accepting and understanding of the differences. The rich fabric of our culture is woven from many diverse threads, and each thread contributes vibrancy and strength to our amazing tapestry. Read more>>

Danielle Hall | Poet, Model & Author

My business is all about empowering others. It doesn’t matter if it’s through modeling or my poetry. My main goal is to inspire other people to fulfill their purpose in life. I know how it is to be stuck in a dark place. If I can save at least one life then I’ll be happy. Even encouraging someone to keep pushing forward I have done my part. Quitting is not a option. GOD saved my life. It’s only right that I share my testimony and help others at the same time. Read more>>