Sometimes a book, or even just a line, chapter or passage within a book can stick with us long after we’ve read its final page.  We asked some of our favorite community members to tell us about a book that’s had a meaningful impact on them.

Mandy Hancock | Hairstylist and Childbirth Educator

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I read this book years ago and it completely changed my life by helping me change the way I react to things. It’s a short, easy read but with profound content. It basically boils down to these Four things and how every single negative emotion we have can be helped with at least one of these agreements. 1. Do not make assumptions 2. Always do your best 3. Be true to your word 4. Do not take things personally. Read more>>

R’Bonney Nola | Fashion Designer

Right now Im currently reading A Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix. This book about his story goes into detail about how many years of playing different shows with lots successful artists Jimi endured before finally reaching success. I find his story very inspiring because he went through so many hardships and people not believing in his talent before he made it big. Its showed me an incredible story of not giving up your passion even after so many failures. Read more>>

Josh Benners

Without question that would be The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford. The main character, Bill Palmer, is thrust into a leadership role that he’s knowingly unprepared for and asked to finally solve compounding problems that retired his predecessors and threatened the future of his company. At the time, this is something I related to immensely with even less confidence. Thanks to an incredible mentor, Bill was able to pull off a project that was already way past due and over budget. Read more>>

John Mark Piper | Concert Musician – Vibraphone

While at the South Pole I read the biography of Jack London by Earl Labor. GREAT book about a great life. I think it made me feel that I have a few of the traits that Jack did and by seeing them in such a great man like Jack London, made me feel a bit special too. Read more>>

Christian Green | Professional Photographer

One of my favorite books is “Outliers: The Story of Success” by Malcolm Gladwell. In a nutshell, the book focuses on various individuals or groups who have achieved the highest level of success in their given industry (e.g. Bill Gates in Tech, Henry Cowell in Music, Bill Joy in Engineering, etc). Gladwell then poses a simple question: “What makes high-achievers different”? He goes on to suggest “there is something profoundly wrong with the way we make sense of success,” and that there are several “hidden advantages and extraordinary opportunities” that play a critical role. Read more>>

Pamela D. Smith | Evangelist & Author

Fervent by Priscilla Shirer. I liked it because my ministry is prayer and this book went deep into explaining how to pray fervently. The book enriched my prayer life and caused me to become more strategic with prayer. Read more>>

Judith Hanson | Chef/Cake artist/Business owner

One of my favorite recent books is “French Roots: Two Cooks, Two Countries, and the Beautiful Food Along the Way” by Jean-Pierre Moullé. The author inspires me because he cooks from the heart. You can really tell that he appreciates where food come from. His creations are how he shows his love and care for others. My cakes and pastries are always made with love and I never compromise on quality. Read more>>