We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Ashley Austin-Hill | Compliance Consultant

Real Organized Advocacy assists small residential care facilities get and stay compliant. Being compliant means the facilities are well maintained, staff are well trained and supported stakeholders, managers are well equipped to serve, and ultimately residents are treated as people first. My entire model of service is based on the person- first ideology. Everything we do is in support of the resident who may have physical, intellectual or age related disabilities. How facilities operate can change the quality of life of their residents. Read more>>

Stephanie Idio | Hair and Beauty Consultant & Lawyer

Hair By Akoni’s is a global hair and beauty consulting business that sources hair extensions and wigs, creates natural hair care for texture hair for both men and women, and helps hair and and beauty companies source products and manufacture in China. We are an essential business because we help small and big business thrive through product development and manufacturing in Asia. During this pandemic, we received a lot of business because many people started businesses. Because of shipping and manufacturing challenges brought on by the pandemic, many established businesses hired us to help them navigate the storm. Because we have over 6 years experience on the grounds in China, our team was able to still reach manufacturers and shippers during the quarantine. Read more>>

Terian Eller | CEO & President

Our products are used in a myriad of industries ranging from signage to healthcare. Our solutions keeping businesses connected so they can continue their point of sale registers, online sales, VOIP systems, etc. Each month, Infinite Air donates a portion of each unit sold to charity. Charity changes monthly. Read more>>

Justin Love | CEO, Limbic Media

Limbic Media brings joy to the world by transforming public spaces into extraordinary places. We do this with high-tech interactive art and light installations that invite participation and bring people together. Read more>>

Morai Elise | CEO/Founder of Lil Sista Gurls

The mental wellness of children and early-adolescents continues to decline every year. As a young black girl, I suffered from depression from as early as 7 years old. I didn’t love my skin, nor did I have much confidence in myself. Creating a brand for young girls of color during their early developmental stages is something that I felt was crucial and very much needed in today’s social climate. This was my way of being proactive to the betterment of their mental health and self confidence, because I never want ANY young girl to feel as low as I did at that age. Fostering self-love early on and facilitating the teachings of self-worth through coloring/activity books was a great way for me to do that. Read more>>

LeAndria Black | Women’s Fitness Specialist

B FIT with LA was created to educate and inspire women of all ages and body types on the importance of strength training, corrective exercise, and proper nutrition habits. In a society filled with endless information through social media; it can be challenging to know what is best for YOUR body. My company helps women build confidence in and out of the gym! Wether it is lifting a certain amount of weight or eating certain foods without feeling guilty. Read more>>