We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Kevin Ford | CEO & Head Baker

Often, one of the hardest things for a business owner is to be able to shift gears and go in a new or different direction that you didn’t see when you first started the business. WIth needing to make changes during the pandemic, I have learned through the growth progress to be strategic by making necessary moves so we can stay relevant with our followers and customers. Read more>>

Joe Brumfield | Podcast Host & Financial Coach

Patience. It’s without a doubt the lesson it’s taught and is continuing to teach me every day. We always want things to be quick and easy but that’s not how life works. In this process as an entrepreneur you have to respect the craft with the work you put in. As an athlete, you have to put the work in and it’s the same with this. If you’re not in the gym every day working on something you’re losing a step BUT you also can’t expect every single thing work to be automatic the next day. So for me just learning to be more and more patient is huge. Read more>>

Cody Mobley | Hair Stylist and Colorist.

The Beauty industry is a field that’s ever changing. One that’s Constantly evolving and offering a limitless supply of lessons. My journey as a stylist and colorist has taught me an quite a lot. When Trying to determine the most important lesson I’ve Been taught wasn’t easy to choose. Much of what I have learned from cosmetology is important. The most important thing my career has taught though, is the power/ influence we have. A hairdresser has the ability to tear your self image apart or show how beautiful you are. Read more>>

Lexi Henry | Fine art photographer and videographer

You can never put limitations on yourself, ever. The minute you set a limitation is the minute you inhibited yourself from further growth. When it came to starting my business, I knew in order to succeed I couldn’t listen to anyone else’s opinion who would not help me get to where I needed to be. People that set limitations on themselves will try to set them for you too. This can look like, “that’s expensive, don’t do that” or “I wouldn’t waste my time on that if I were you.” Surrounding myself with like-minded individuals who dream big and set high goals was one of the biggest lessons I learned. Read more>>

Rasheeda Arterberry | Owner of 2 manicure schools, nail salons and suits and nail supply store

The most important lesson I have learned as an owner of a nail school, nail salon and nail supply store is that you must keep your personal life and business separate. People become messy and envious of your success so they will do anything to hurt you or your family. After 8 years of marriage and 6 years as an entrepreneur there has definitely been times where my husband and I were ready to give up on each other. Marriage counseling has been the best for us, and I would like to thank, Journey to Peace marriage counseling for helping us during this life of marriage and business. There are a few things I will share with you to help you avoid stress. Read more>>

Monica L Garrisin | Speaker | Owner of Embrace Your Wellness

The most important lesson my business has taught me is never stop believing in the vision even when times are hard. Read more>>

Rob Perez | person of faith, husband, dad and second chance employer

Most employers believe they can not hire people in a second chance position. We are rely on “old ways of thinking” about how to source, hire, relate and employ people. We all need a job. However, we have lots of policies, rules and protection built around excluding people from employment. Our experience suggest that the business community biggest challenge, we have forgotten how important a job is to all people. We have a golden opportunity to help people and build a stronger community. Read more>>

Brian C. Hill | Business Professional & Content Creator

The most important lesson that I’ve learned in business is that I have to believe in myself and my abilities. Read more>>

Ivory Lawrence | Small Business owner

The most important lesson my business has taught me is to run your own race and comparison is the thief of joy. I spent many nights looking at other candle makers overnight success or what I thought were brilliant ideas, and one day I realized that I was sabotaging my own creativity and snuffing out my own success by paying more attention to others success instead of celebrating my own. Read more>>