We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Alexander Simms | Brand Owner and Entrepreneur

The most important lesson that business as well as my career has taught me is to find balance. As entrepreneurs, creators and artist basically anyone. No matter what you do, you need to have balance. Life, work, trying to achieve your goals. Specially trying to start a business it’s a lonely journey. We put in the long hours, wear the most stress, sleepless nights etc. We should never neglect the need for exercise, love and laughter. That will make those hard days a little bit easier to deal with. Balance is key to success once you find that, Things start to fall in place so much faster. Read more>>

Ryan Cuffe Ryan Mosley | Podcasters

Make sure you have the ability to adapt with the circumstances. Nothing ever stays the same so you better be able to pivot when the time comes to do so. Read more>>

David Croshaw | Founder and Lead Developer at Dreameater Games

Compromise is usually a good thing. Many people are afraid to compromise on their vision, which in turn, ends up making it take longer and possibly making it end up worse. As someone working on a limited budget, I’ve had to compromise on several things such as features and gameplay mechanics, in order to get a reliable and working game. Some of them have actually helped me in the long run, such as limiting the scope of the game, for better performance on Dreamcast and older hardware. Read more>>

Tiffany López | Jewelry Maker

I would have to say the most important lesson this business has taught me is to over come fear! I had always dreamed of owning my own business, I wanted it so bad that fire burned in me but fear was always great. Fear of failure, fear of would they even buy from me, so many different fears would sit in my mind not letting me move! Until one day, enough was enough I over came it and realize failure is apart of growth, and there would be people who would buy from me, my mom and sister. Eventually it became friends and people I had never met in my life began to buy and love my work, it felt amazing to change the way I looked at fear, instead of it keeping me still and idol, I used it as a stepping stool to grow and believe in the gift God had given me. It was time to put to work all the ideas He had so profoundly placed in my heart!!!. Read more>>

Jolene Hayes | Natural Hair Stylist & Loctician

The most important lesson I’ve learned in business is to never undervalue my work not even by a small modification. People respect and revisit businesses that don’t bargain the cost of their goods and/or services provided. Read more>>

Precious L. Williams | CEO and #KillerPitchMaster

The most important lesson that my business has taught me is that relationships truly matter. If you treat people well as you succeed and invite them into your success, they will be there for you when you need them. When I was struggling to start my business again, a lot of doors shut on me. I was unable to go to certain people to help me. This forced me to get creative and enter new networking groups and challenged me to build real, long lasting relationships built on trust and true giving. Now, I am no longer ruled by “what’s in it for me?” I am more open to collaborating, partnering and just helping others just because. No special reason other than I was given a second chance to succeed and now I want to pay it forward. Relationships are the only reason why I am a 2X #1 bestselling author, successful corporate trainer for Top Fortune 500 companies and a #bookedandbusy and PAID international professional speaker! Make your relationships count!. Read more>>

Kiara Wilder | Baking Creator

WOW! Let me tell you creating Wilder Sweets has given me a long list of lessons. Being a small business owner is not for the faint of heart. If I had to choose an important lesson it would be that you have to be consistent. You have to consistently show up, consistently market your products, and consistently believe that success is coming. Giving up is simply not an option!. Read more>>

Tifany Thornton | CEO/Owner of TRT DESIGNZ | Customizing T-shirts and Treats

The most important lesson my business has taught me is I need to promote more via all social media platforms, because it’ll bring you more clients. Customizing a T-shirt to me is more than just pressing a particular logo of what my client wants. It’s more of the bringing that logo with the best of quality for my client. Read more>>

Boonkey | Rap Artist

Is to always stay dedicated don’t give up follow your dreams and have fun doing what you love. Read more>>

Jason Rains | Husband, Father, & Worship Leader

That it isn’t all about me. Even if it is my vision, there are still those called/equipped to help in that vision or endeavor and they matter just as much. I’ve come to a place, either because of age or just making a ton of mistakes, where I realize that I am just a piece in the big picture. I’m just one puzzle piece, and every opportunity I have where I can help the other pieces of the puzzle shine through or be see, I need to take those as they are presented and help bring them up and into the light with me. Read more>>

Paige Neal | Full Time Photographer

The most important lesson my business has taught me is how important being authentic is! The best thing you can do to stand out in a saturated market with your business is to infuse your personality into everything that you do. The more open and genuine you are, the more people feel drawn to and comfortable with you. My goal is for my followers to be following for both my work and because they feel like they know me. So many of my clients have become my friends and it’s honestly the best feeling! Putting your genuine self out there in connection with your business allows you to attract like minded clients. When you work with like minded people, creativity will flow and the end results will feel natural. When you stay true to yourself it will also keep you from feeling burnt out or losing passion, because you’re doing what you love in a genuine way!. Read more>>

Valentine Ehonwa | Entrepreneaur, Real Estate Investor, Philanthropist.

My business has taught me to be Patient, Enthusiastic & that every challenges faced is only preparing you for something greater. And my career has taught me to not only understand my purpose but to achieve it. Read more>>