Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Bryan Asby | Pediatric Chiropractor

As a boy growing up my dad would play basketball with me in my room. Always the teaser, my dad would play in a manner that any child would find extremely frustrating. He would block all my shots or keep the ball away from me. He had all the advantages. The height, speed, knowledge, and coordination. Being 5 years old I do not remember any specific game, but I do remember this desire to beat him and I would tell myself all I needed was 1 more game to beat him. I believe these silly basketball games at home against a dad who would teasingly not let me win gave me a mental advantage. A competitive spirit along with a nemesis that would not surrender gave me mental fortitude to keep pushing. My advantage is even when I have lost, I feel tired, exhausted, and frustrated, my brain keeps repeating “you only need 1 more game”. Read more>>

Sara Mahmood | Founder, Owner, General Dentist & Realtor

Recently, while I was doing a ride on my Peloton Bike, my instructor said something that really resonated with me. She said “consistency is my power.” It made me really reflect on how every single day my team and I show up with the same core mission in mind: to provide dentistry with integrity. We make the decision consistently to provide the highest quality care in an environment that’s supportive, kind, compassionate, and filled with love. When I came up with idea for brush365 so many years ago, there were good days and bad days. Encouraging days… and not so encouraging days. But consistency was my power. Showing up every day even when I didn’t want to was my power. Staying the course was my power. Read more>>

Henry Abuto | Event Planner, Caterer & Consultant

The most important factor behind my success/the success of my brand would have to be me and my belief in it. I don’t mean that in a conceited way like “oh hey, look at me!” I mean it in that, I have to personally and fully believe in my brand, services, and products, or it won’t translate to the consumer or connect with them. At the end of the day, ByWasonga is a personality driven venture that is completely contingent on authenticity in order to be successful. There is no faking it. If I am selling a menu, I have to like it and believe in it or it won’t sell. If I’m planning an event or experience, I have to fully believe in it or it will flop. Consumers aren’t stupid, they know when a business owner believes in something or if they’re just doing it to do it. Read more>>

Charles Read | Payroll and Payroll Tax Expert

Knowledge. We are the compliance experts in payroll. We are able to advocate for our clients because I studied and became a CPA which gives me the ability to take a IRS Limited Power of Attorney to represent and advocate for my clients. Most of our competition can’t or won’t do this. It is a huge advantage for our clients. I also went back to school and became a United States Tax Court Practitioner. This allows me to represent client in US Tax Court without being a State licensed attorney. There are not very many of us, 86 new ones in the last 16 years. I can take my client’s problems to the US Tax Court for a $60.00 fee for the petition. Not a multi thousand dollar retainer to an attorney. I read and study and write on employment taxes. This includes my most recent book, The Payroll Book, a Guide for Small Business and Startups, published in 2020 by Wiley. Read more>>

Dave Larlee | Priest & Pitboss

When I started Smokedmaple three years ago I wondered about success, like so many small business owners. The difference in my case comes in that I am also a full time Priest serving at an Anglican Church in the heart of downtown Dallas. (All Saints Dallas) When you own a Texas BBQ Catering business you end up sampling BBQ from a wide variety of restaurants. In that process something jumped out. So many of the BBQ spots had one thing in common. The dinning rooms were full of Joy. Coupled with the needs I see daily in people’s lives – the idea became to create a brand of BBQ that sought to make taste buds happy and to bring a taste of joy into people’s lives. As a regular client of ours always says – “You are bringing Joy to the World, one rib at a time.” So success for us is producing excellent BBQ that brings joy into people’s homes. Read more>>

Destiny Washington | Actress & Owner

The fact that everyone who steps foot into our studio feels comfortable & encouraged. Let’s face it, auditions can be tough and intimidating and if you add in the bright lights and a total stranger standing on the other side of you, that’s brutal! The reason we have been so successful and popular amount actors, is that simple fact that we make our clients feel at home and remind them that there is nothing holding them back from an amazing audition. We take care of our actors and give them the freedom they need to be in the moment. Read more>>

Ron Van Volkenburgh | Co-Owner & Fellow Adventurer

The single most important factor behind our success is the personal connection we try and make with each and every guest who either stays in one of our treehouses, or follows us through social media. In trying to make that personal connection, we spend time getting to know our guests if they want to participate that way, or for those who stay with us and want privacy, we understand and let them explore on their own. For those that follow us through social media, we try and make a personal connection by sharing things about us personally; projects we’re working on, challenges we face in maintaining treehouses and a farm, personal pictures of us working, etc. In addition, we know everyone has personal challenges they’re wrestling, especially after living through the pandemic of 2020. Read more>>

Celeste Rickert | Fine Artist

I would definitely say the willingness to say true to your goals! Persistence is so important and a key role in success. It has taken me a few years to truly understand this and I do believe with age, wisdom comes with that. All of us have gone through something in life that has knocked us down or been around people that are straight up negative forces. You have to constantly surround yourself with positive energy and don’t let outside voices dictate your outcome. Read more>>

Rachael Stonecipher | Photographer

A very important factor to any photographer’s success is the ability to make connections. In the beginning of my business the majority of my clients were friends, family, coworkers, and other people I was close to. Then those people started recommending me to their friends, and it grows exponentially after that. On my Instagram page I am very intentional in following other businesses and influencers in Denton. You never know who’s going to come across your page and say “wow, she takes great pictures. I want to hire her”. Anytime I meet someone I try to mention I’m a photographer, maybe they’ll go look me up and hire me. Making positive connections on shoots is so important as well. Read more>>

Zach James | Singer-Songwriter

I really do believe that as long as I am making music that genuinely helps people I will have found success. Of course the end goal is to be at a place where I can provide for myself and my family by doing music full time, but even hearing from people right now that my music has influenced them in a positive way makes everything I do 10x more worth it. Read more>>

Mike Shisler | Vanlife Nomadic Artist

The most important factor behind my success is that I draw and paint the places as I experience them in that exact moment. As a plein air painter or urbansketcher I am innately connected to a place in time with all of my senses. The weather, the sights, sounds and smells all get translated through my pen and brush which, when all goes well, creates a unique work of art that is more alive than anything I could make in a studio. I have also found success in following my passion and my interests. Through my art, I seek to tell a story, quench my curiosity and be a general student of the world, which informs my work and informs the viewer. Read more>>

Anastasia | Rap Artist, Songwriter & Vocalist

I’ve achieved what I have thus far because I stick to it. Throughout my journey as an artist – and as a human – sheer determination has won out against self-doubt, failure, rejection, and uncertainty. My goals may change or evolve over time, but my hunger for achieving them does not. And the longer and harder I stick to it, the better I get at trusting my own judgement. The only solution is to keep going. Place one foot in front of the other. Read more>>