We had the good fortune of connecting with Kristine Cranley and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Kristine, how has your background shaped the person you are today?
As strange as it may sound, my interest in promoting financial freedom and wealth creation through cryptocurrency investment sprouted from many years of doing non-profit volunteer service. From the missionary year I served prior to my studies at Texas A&M, to the near decade of crisis pregnancy counseling work I did in New York City, I spent many years living off the generosity of others as I sought to do my part to make the world a better place. Being funded entirely by donations allowed my co-workers and I to devote ourselves full-time to service, but it also made it impossible to put anything away for a rainy day. When that season of my life ended, I left rich in human experience but with very little to my name.

When I subsequently left service in order to begin a Master’s program my generous parents were eager to help me out by assisting me financially during that time of transition, and being a poor student, accustomed to living off the donations of others, I was happy to accept. But in what ended up being a life altering encounter, I had a wise friend counsel me during that time about how important it was to stop taking money from my parents and stand on my own two feet financially if I was ever going to truly move forward in my life. Convicted by her words, I declined my parents’ offer, made my way over to the local temping agency and began working reception positions between my studies. I eventually temped my way into the commercial real estate industry where I was hired full time and worked for the last 5 years doing property management before moving back home to Texas and launching my business.

When I made that decision to stop living off of the generosity of others, despite the fear of not knowing where the funds for my next meal would come from, I was surprised not only by how the provision came, but how liberating and dignifying it was to live in financial freedom. I found that taking full responsibility for my financial situation had a maturing quality about it which brought a greater flourishing in my own life, as well as in my relationships with others. So being a bit of a teacher and evangelist at heart (in that I find it difficult not to share about that which has blessed me), when the pandemic caused the unexpected foreclosure of the office building that I managed, I seized the opportunity to come home to Texas and start a company educating others about investment in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a path to financial freedom.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
It is difficult to know which category to put my business in, as the adventure of entrepreneurialism entails that I be a little of everything; professional, saleswoman, creative, and artist all at once. Like Bitcoin and blockchain technology, my work as a cryptocurrency educator and consultant is a little ahead of its time, in that people are still learning why they should care about the seismic shift that is happening within the financial system toward blockchain solutions. I chose the name ‘Noah’s Bitcoin’ in honor of the Biblical prophet who saw the storm from afar and worked to prepare a safe haven against a coming reality that many never imagined would come to pass. Likewise I see Bitcoin as a hedge against the growing flood of inflation that is being triggered by the unprecedented amount of money printing taking place in our nation and around the world which has the potential to radically alter life as we know it, in ways that are not yet evident. The fact that Bitcoin is such a scarce commodity (with only 21 million coins ever to be mined), combined with its ability to be transferred around the world at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional forms of monetary exchange makes it a pristine store of wealth and a coveted choice for those searching for an investment option which can deliver returns above the rapidly escalating inflation rate. But while the wealthy are rapidly waking up to this reality and investing accordingly, the everyday person and the local small businesses are at risk of being left behind as the shift takes place. The goal of Noah’s Bitcoin cryptocurrency education is to enable everyone to have the opportunity to learn about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in order to make a more informed decision about whether or not to invest in it, and to give them an opportunity to get in early in hopes of profiting financially by riding the wave of the rapidly increasing mass adoption.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Whenever friends come to visit me I never fail to take them to my favorite haunts along Trinity Trail. I love to frequent the Fort Worth zoo there (and the name of my business is in part inspired by my visits). I never cease to find wonder in watching the animals interact with one another, and I feel privileged somehow to have them as neighbors. Next up a visit to my favorite coffee shop, Ascension coffee, to enjoy a drink or a meal with friends while overlooking the river and the bridge for the miniature train. When I’m feeling adventuresome I will even walk across that bridge on my journey through the neighborhood and peer through the railroad ties at the Texas wildlife below (turtles, nutrias, beavers, waterfowl, snakes and even tarantulas to name a few). Not far away is the beautiful Trinity park with its buzz of visitors enjoying picnics, sports, the playground or just a leisurely stroll by the river. I love to spend the afternoon there, or to cross the road for a day at the glorious botanical gardens. I’m thrilled that some of the run down old buildings have now been removed from that area in expectation of new development in what is undoubtedly my favorite area in Fort Worth.

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After spending a magical semester studying abroad during my junior year of College, I was struck with gratitude upon returning back to the United States at what an amazing place America is, despite all its flaws, and how blessed I was to grow up here. It occurred to me as I landed that day that this nation had instilled in me a belief (rightly or wrongly) that I could do anything I put my mind to, if I but worked hard enough. While across the world, the fact of growing up in poverty is something that those who have been lifted up to the heights of success would be ashamed of and try to hide, in America it is celebrated. We love the stories of those who have risen up from adversity to accomplish mighty things, and rejoice in the victories of those that overcome.

In fact, this feeling of gratitude at all I have received by being born in the land of the free, and the generosity of the many in my life that have cheered me on and helped me along the way, is part of why I am so eager to spread the word about Bitcoin to everyone who will listen. We are in the midst of what I believe to be the biggest transfer of wealth the world has ever known and the example of little El Salvador being the first nation to profit from this great wave fills me with joy and inspires me to continue to spread the good news to all who have felt financially oppressed that there is hope of a way forward in the midst of rising inflation and global economic instability. While it is true that the circumstances we are born into vary greatly, and some have more obstacles than others on their path to financial freedom, I would love to see those who have struggled to stay afloat financially because of the circumstances life has dealt them be the first reap the benefits of early adoption, therein discovering a new level of financial freedom which will in turn enable them become catalysts of flourishing and wealth creation for their communities.

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