Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making.  And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck.  We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Richard Blake | Master Personal Trainer – Actor/Writer/Producer

My success in both my businesses is a direct result of other people’s success. This is an incredible model as I focus on these three elements, people, process, product – and in that order. If all three of those are aligned and humming, then I feel well balanced, motivated weekly, and able to connect to others building genuine relationships with clients, customers, and fans. Read more>>

Laurance Rippy | Webcomic Artist & Cartoonist

I think as an artist, your success is measure in how well your work connects with the person viewing it. I believe if your able to bring an emotion out of a person who’s seen your work, or in my case read your comic, your doing things right. That emotion doesn’t always need to be happiness. It could be anger, sadness, discomfort, joy — anything that resonates with the viewer and takes them to a place. To me, that is success. Read more>>

Dallasforkids | Blogger

To have fun while keeping my goal in mind, I don’t take myself too serious because I want this to continue to be something I look forward doing not something I feel like I have to do. I started my page because I wanted to create content that can make someone’s life a little easier. Read more>>

Erial Smith | Healthcare worker, graduate school, and Nonprofit Founder of Erial’s College Mission

The most important factor behind the success of the organization has been my family, board member, and friends. They show up for me even when I’m unable to sometimes. They keep me going and maintain the goal and mission of Erial’s College Mission. The success would have not been without my family. Before our annual events, my family members are eager to donate and give their time and resources to get the word out about this opportunity. The other factors are staying committed and having various perspectives to continue the mission. Read more>>

Dominique Ransom | tattoo artist/owner of business

we have a full female staff, and it is very important for us to know that every client is being treated professionally and that everybody feels comfortable receiving any type of service from any of the ladies! it’s important for us to share , we do service all walks of life ! No matter who are you identify as. As long as you walked out of lilac feeling better than you did when you came in we overall know that we have completed our mission as a team! Read more>>

Shani Taylor | Mommy-preneur

Failure. I am afraid to fail.
I am afraid of the word no. Although failure is a part of any ones success, it is a factor that pushes me to not just be good, but great. I have been at the bottom, and I have been at the top. I know what it takes for me to get to where I need to be, and I know what it takes for me to go back to where I came from. Where I came from is The complete opposite of success. I do not want to go back from where I started. Therefore I do not have a choice but to succeedI do not have a choice but to push my brand. I refuse to fail. Read more>>