Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Shelley Loving | Culinary Nutrition Expert & Holistic Food Educator

I would say 2 things. The first one is passion. Everyone has a story or their “why” behind what they do. Mine is straight from the heart. Because of my experience with my husband’s life-threatening scare of a massive heart attack, I stay passionate about trying to help others prevent a major health catastrophe. Read more>>

Christopher Missimo | Co-Owner of Avanti Counseling & Consulting, Owner of Missimo Motivation, Therapist, J.D. Candidate Texas A&M School of Law, LPC, NCC, MA,

My “RAMP” (Relationships, Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose) model. In particular, the factors of focus and appreciation, which are “M” skills that can touch on the other three parts of the model. Most people look to the concept of “motivation” to guide their behavior or to bring an explanation of the lack of behavior. Read more>>

Haley Nelson | Dramaturg, Producer, and Playwright

Committing to being an eternal student. Dramaturgy, because it is often so research dependent, inherently requires me to admit that there are a million things I have not mastered, no matter how “smart” or well-read or hard-working I am. Past projects have required me to read up on the history of the credit industry, traffic laws in Vermont, the diet of goats, Plato’s dialogues, the list goes on. Read more>>

Ezra and Gina Kuenzi | Connect Pediatrics’ Co-Founders/Owners

The most important factor behind the success of Connect Pediatrics is the culture that we have worked to create and carry out to the families we serve. We started Connect Pediatrics in 2014 with the simple goal of providing each family with the same level of service that we would want for our nephew. Read more>>

Sara and Andrew Barnes | Agent Architecture

To answer this question we have to step back to define success to us. We like to think of design success as envisioning places where people thrive, while meeting and exceeding the parameters of each client’s project and business goals. Read more>>

MAJVR | Artist, Producer & Engineer

I think the most important factor behind my success is confidence. I’ve finally reached a point in my career where I’m not giving up on myself, the dream and the end goal. I think a lot of times people lose their confidence when it comes to their art form or their hustle and that’s perfectly normal. Read more>>

Javier Herrera | Fine Art and Commercial Photographer

The most important factor behind my success and anything that I do in life is putting my faith in God. Over the years I’ve learned that putting my faith in God has led to my success, peace, and understanding of what really matters in life. Success is measured very differently for people I think. Read more>>

Taylor Prinsen | Professional Photographer

Connection/relationships. I am a photographer…so are hundreds of others in my city. But I am a human first and foremost, as are my clients. So getting to know my clients at a deeper level, and being available, open, and vulnerable for my clients to get to know me – THAT is what makes me successful. Read more>>

Cheryl Striegel-Walker | Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator & Yoga Instructor

I believe the biggest reason behind my success is my authenticity, and my heart. I truly care about people-all people, and I have since I was a little girl. I am one of those people that actually likes to serve others. I love making someone smile, or solving a problem with them. It brings me joy. Read more>>

Jeff Mitchell | Residential Real Estate Entrepreneur + Music Events Promoter

The most important factor behind my success is, I’m passionate and I truly love what I do. Wheaters it’s helping people buy and sell the coolest modern homes in Dallas, helping my Agents at Modern Living Real Estate be successful, or throwing Decks In the Park music events. Read more>>

Sierra Barnes | Artist, Writer, Blogger, And Brain Tumor Thriver

I always try and have a positive attitude and outlook, not just when it comes to my career and business but in all areas of my life. I think that you can be really talented and work hard, but if you don’t have a positive attitude, it’s pointless. Read more>>

Tim Cameron | Creative Director

The most important factor behind a successful brand starts with happiness. You must love what you do! I genuinely love bringing creative ideas to life for people. My love for art gives me the motivation to produce consistently, which results in success for my brand. Read more>>

JTA | Professional Freelance Artist

I feel like the most important factor to my success has been to always seek growth and to continuously push myself on my work. I’ve been a professional freelancer for about a decade now, and with every new clientele project I’ve taken on I can say I’ve learned some new lesson or some new artistic technique that I can then apply to projects going forward. Read more>>