Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and the role it’s played in their life and career.

Breauna Nichole | Entrepreneur

I think taking risks is a huge part of going to the next level. It may not feel like it at the time. We may not realize it; taking risks is simply making decisions. Connecting with people and establishing new relationships are taking risks. The beauty is no one is perfect and every one is on their own journey. We get the opportunity to figure this out together. Denzel Washington says to “fail big” and “take risks professionally.” Anytime he auditioned earlier on in his career, he was taking a risk. Read more>>

Chariti Dawson | Beauty Influencer & Makeup Artist

I’ve always been a risktaker, it’s helped me and harmed me in a lot of ways. When I was a teenager I would always get in trouble for being so risky and not really considering the effects or consequences of my own actions. Which is usually how it goes when you’re young, immature and always doing things just to have a good time. Me being the free spirit that I am, I’ve always been more of a doer than a thinker. Now that I am a young adult, I do my best to apply these qualities in a more meaningful direction such as my career. Read more>>

Natasha Hunter | Small Business Owner

When they say “without risk, there’s no reward” it’s so true. The key though is to make sure most of your risks are as calculated as possible. “Go big or go home” sure, but even when going big make sure you keep a home in case you get sent home. My life would not be what it is at all without taking risks. Risks is how you expand but being a risk taker doesn’t absolve you of doing your homework and planning and preparing to the best of your ability. Read more>>

Ashton Cantou | Transformational Life Coach, Leadership Coach, & Speaker

This is a big deal for me! I think taking risks is a key ingredient in elevation. Without risk, we don’t stretch beyond the comfort zone. Without risk, we don’t stretch beyond our limiting beliefs. Taking a risk enables self-trust and self-trust is everything. When you risk you are saying, “I am taking this leap…it may or may not work out and that’s okay because I trust myself to clean up any mess I make or bounce back from any failure.” For me, I have risked investing a lot of money in myself banking on the fact that I would grow. Read more>>

Alexandra Hulsey | Multidisciplinary Art Director and Artist

I’ll define myself as a calculated risk-taker. I’m not sure if I’ve ever acted on anything without thinking it through, with that being said I have found some decisions leaning towards risky that proved to be in my favor. Although with anything I suppose balance is key. I get nervous by putting myself out there, approaching prospective clients, and applying for artists’ calls for example, but, we can’t let the fear of rejection inhibit options for a good opportunity. In high school, I took a risk by creating a series of portraits that dealt with the idea of illusions and art history. Read more>>

Jessica Denise Clark | Licensed Esthetician and Permanent Makeup Artist

Over time I have been able to convince myself that If I have an idea, if I can think it up, then it is possible. No matter the risks. Although I think through my ideas realistically, I absolutely believe that anything I set my mind to do, it can be done. It feels very risky but once I begin to believe in myself and have no fear of failure, my dreams come true. Read more>>

Amanda Talley | Founder & Therapist – Wildernew® Outdoor Therapy

This question is exciting because the topic of risk is something I research and think a lot about; it’s also something I’m learning to take action on in my own life – personally and professionally. I think risk is inherent to life and is essential to our growth and sense of vitality. Defining risk is so personal and subjective because what’s risky to me may be nothing to you and vice-versa. When I think about risk, I think it has a lot to do with fear and failure… two things that can tell you a lot about yourself. Read more>>

Derricka Clayton | Private Chef/Caterer & Website Designer

Taking risks is a part of life. Without taking risks, you’ll never know what your full potential may be as you are limiting yourself to your comfort zone. Risk taking has played a major role in my life and career. In my low points in my life, I have made sacrifices in order to help get me into better situations. I studied and obtained multiple certifications, did internships and volunteering in industries I was most interested in until I was in those industries full time. Read more>>

Maria Villarreal | Professional Makeup Artist & Lash Lift Expert

Born and raised in a small boarder town , you don’t really get a lot of opportunities. I would dream about living in a bigger city and my work being acknowledged , but I never thought I would do it . After completing my cosmetology coarse I decided to leave everything behind including my family and move to Dallas , Tx . Not a lot of people knew me and most defiantly didn’t know my work so I had to start from zero . I’m not going to lie, it was scary because I didn’t know if I would be successful but with God anything is possible. Read more>>

Erik Trevino | Dj & Brand Owner

Honestly, there has been a lot of risks that I go through for doing what I do. For one we can start with my dj career. One can be performing in an unsafe environment. I get booked at a lot of different places and sometimes I have to be aware of my surroundings at all times. Another risk (which is kind of personal for me) would be maintaining a healthy relationship with my significant other. You have to be understanding in what your partner does for a living. Read more>>

Jason Sherard | Entrepreneur Body by Stripped

Man, when I think about risks… The fear of the unknown is probably the one thing that intimidates me more than anything. But taking risks and that fear are my strongest driving force…like an adrenaline rush. Risks have played a major role in my business because I had no manual on how to properly run a business. Its literally trial and error. I kinda go with my gut and only see green lights. I don’t see reasons to let a risk stop me. If I let every risk or opinion influence me, I would never have a business. Read more>>

Melissa Turner Drumm | Artist

Risk taking is the most thrilling part of being an Artist. Learning new processes and new materials and finding out along the way how to make something into what you have drawn out and envisioned has led to a lifetime of enjoyment. Thrill seeking and risk go hand in hand. I have loved learning how to weld and use a blow torch, using various chemicals for etching, engraving and printing. Most recently creating wax molds, pouring bronze and concrete molds. The exciting part comes when there is a possibility it will work out and not completely burn, meld or fall apart. Read more>>