What’s been your favorite thing to do during quarantine? Check out some responses from the community below.

Cherie Fruehan | Artist and Author

I been very creative during quarantine. I have been painting and writing and making art dolls–pretty much acting on whatever creative nudge inspires me at the moment! Read more>>

Ruben Zamora | Fine art portrait photographer

My favorite thing to do during quarantine has been to think of concepts I want to bring to life. I have also found I enjoy taking walks and so I often find myself doing both simultaneously. Since I work from home and am at my desk all day, I take walks right after work to clear my mind and get some exercise before I sit back down and watch movies or edit photos. During these walks, I have found many visually arresting spots I cannot wait to immortalize in my art, once think of the perfect idea to go along with it. Read more>>

Neena Buxani | Contemporary Arist

There is definitely not a shortage of things to do in quarantine. My family is home, which means I’m overseeing the homeschooling for my boys. At first, we did a lot of baking and puzzles as a family. Then, we slowly moved into a more settled routine when the novelty wore off, and we realized that this was going to be our new normal for sometime. So now, I’m running a lot as a form of exercise and meditation and as a way to get some solitude. I’m experimenting with new dishes to try and make home-life more interesting. Read more>>

Cicily Waites | Owner & Lead Designer

My absolute favorite thing to do during quarantine is checking off some home projects from my wishlist. I have purged and organized the garage, landscaped the flower bed, decorated the deck, and organized my family’s fruit and veggie garden. It has been so therapeutic to get away from the reality of the pandemic and have a sense of accomplishment in getting much-needed projects completed. Read more>>

Priscilla Starr | Professional – Home Baker

One thing I’ve been loving during quarantine is having the time to craft more. I’ve learned how to make polymer clay earrings and make macrame pieces for my home. Read more>>

Leah Frazier | CEO, Think Three Media

My favorite thing to do during quarantine is to go to Club Quarantine with DJ D-Nice several nights out of the week via Instagram Live. He normally goes live around the time I log off from work. So it’s a new virtual happy hour for me that transitions to his night-time music sets with the most amazing view from his apartment. Typically, all sorts of celebrities and A-listers are also tuned in and it’s a way to connect with them as well. Read more>>

Missi Jay | Graphic Artist

My favorite thing I have done during quarantine has been creating “how to draw” videos with my daughter. It all started when my friend, who is an elementary school art teacher, requested I make a “how to draw” video for her class. I had never made a video of myself and I was terrified! The thought of hearing my own voice “blah blah blah,” and seeing all my own quirky gestures on screen made me cringe! But the thought of helping put a smile on the faces of bright, creative kids during quarantine, gave me the confidence I needed to say “YES.” Read more>>

Case Cortez | Outdoor/Virtual Group Fitness Trainer

This quarantine has been quite a challenge, but I feel despite all the challenges there have been plenty of opportunities for positivity. Family time has increased exponentially! I built my business around being able to be available to my kids, but this has provided an opportunity to be around my family a lot more. And while I wear many hats as a business owner, I’ve had to wear a lot more hats during this quarantine at home. Things that have kept me busy are being a chef, a homeschool teacher, referee for indoor sports, a counselor, and daily fitness routines. Read more>>

Sierra Barnes | Artist, Writer, Blogger, & Brain Tumor Thriver

Quarantine has really given me time to hone in on my creativity, dig a little deeper, and create more art. I’ve been able to get focused, be more creative, and create more intuitively and freely. I’ve really taken the time to enjoy the process of making art again. It has also given me time to work on my poetry and my lifestyle blog Officially Thriving as well. Read more>>

Shane Reitzammer | Video Producer & Filmmaker

My absolute favorite thing during quarantine was the extra time I found to spend with my wife. Being a business owner, entrepreneur and freelance filmmaker takes an incredible amount of time so finding myself on a couch, with my wife in the backyard watching the sunrise or set (with a cocktail in hand) was very peaceful. However, I still kept very busy reaching out to our clients and pivoting to create new products like live-streaming packages and shelter-in-place video projects. Read more>>

Freddie Harris | Also with DJSS, Line Dance and Group Fitness Instructor

What has been your favorite thing to do during quarantine? We believe our favorite thing to do during this quarantine is having the time to explore different avenues. Broadening our use and knowledge with technology. This pandemic has forced us to get more creative with thinking outside the box of connecting with our clientele. How have you kept yourself busy? We’ve currently do free virtual classes a couple times a week. School districts has contacted us and we do family engagement sessions as well. Read more>>