Covid-19 has been so much more than just a public health crisis; it has been an economic crisis that has profoundly affected our economy and way of life.  We asked the community to tell us about how the crisis has changed how they think about work-life balance.

Kimberly Joseph | Behavior Therapist, Woman, Wife, Mom, and Sewist

I’ll start with some background. Finding balance in my life has been an ongoing process for years. Before I got married and had children, life was whatever I wanted it to be. I traveled, worked, took naps, and enjoyed every minute of it. Then came marriage. With any new relationship finding the balance of me time/ couple time had it’s struggles but I managed to do pretty well. Then came children and balance went out the window. I lost my sense of who I was as a woman. I couldn’t think about being a wife and my children took up 100% of my physical and mental capacity. After 5 years as a stay at home mom, I ventured back to work. This was at the same time that I started sewing. Read more>>

Chef Amber Williams | Private Chef & Mobile Caterer

Covid-19 has brought a myriad of revelations to surface that I was not expecting, one being the importance of rest. In all transparency, I have NEVER been an expert at work-life balance, even while working in corporate america, and when you take into consideration being an entrepreneurship, managing your “baby” – it’s gotten much worse. When I went full time with my catering brand, I proudly adopted the infamous mantra, #NoDaysOff. Today’s society almost grants you an invisible badge of honor when you shift your life in this manner, I have even stated on several occasions, “I don’t have a 9-5 or a 5-9, I have a 24/7”. Read more>>

Eripitan Osagie-Sule | Motivational Social Media Content Creator & Blogger

As a millennial, I was definitely influenced by the “work hard, play later” mentality and it was not until Covid-19 that I realized how damaging that was for my mind, body, and spirit. I encourage individuals to work hard and chase their dreams, but we still need to find a healthy balance between exerting effort and extending grace to ourselves. I am the first to admit that Covid-19 has made me slow down and truly take a look at my schedule. I had grown accustomed to long hours, little to no breaks, and being exhausted. That way of living is absolutely horrible for my health! I have now implemented a lot more self-care, patience, time, and grace. I have to tell myself “Hey, you cannot pour from an empty cup, so take a break!”. Read more>>