What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Ryan Bricker | Creator & Connector (Landscape Architect, Urban Designer, Inventor and Artist)

“Balance” doesn’t have to mean “symmetry”… When designing, be it visual or spatial, we can weight emphasis and focus in differing proportions to balance a design with vastly different volumes. Simply put, it means that equal time doesn’t mean equal emphasis. For me and for most I imagine, that means being very intentional about the quality of time with your family and friends vs. the quantity of time your work life consumes. I’m a work in progress and I have been focusing on prioritizing time, scheduling and communicating expectations. I think like so many this COVID season has forced me “in a good way” to be home and together with my family, but now the challenge is finding the distinction between work and life time where the spaces have been forced together. Read more>>

Veronica Westlake | La Casita Hot Sauce Owner & Developer

Me Describing Me: High Energy Type A personality gal who is constantly trying to construct my abstract random thoughts into a workable system where I can accomplish all of my tasks in a timely manner. To say the least, just accomplishing what I described requires me to find that delicate balance between my personal, work, and business life. Is it easy? No Way! I am constantly reprioritizing to ensure that I meet all of the daily demands. Is it stressful? Absolutely, but I am alive so I welcome the stress. Honestly, I get antsy when I am not working or I am not busy. Can I relax? You Bet…..Once the daily to-do list has been accomplished. 😉 Who can relate? Read more>>

Randal Ford | Fine Art Photographer

When I was in high school, I was a 400m sprinter. So naturally, when I first started my business, I sprung out the gates with fire and passion. I was running hot and intense. I dedicated every moment to the pursuit of my career which was helpful in gaining early momentum and traction. In a sense, the hard work and dedication I applied to my business felt natural because I was so passionate about my art and becoming successful at it. But the pace at which I was running was too fast and not sustainable. Slowly and over time, I’ve developed a better work-life balance that allows me to sustain my business without experiencing burn out. Because even doing something you love won’t be able to outlast exhaustion. The ‘Gary V’ hustle only works if it’s sustainable and fits within your value set. Read more>>

Aidee Granados | Founder and CEO of ROSAesROJO, Inc. / Certified Wellness Coach

When I was in high school “time management” philosophy was super trendy and I totally bought the idea of its benefits. Big rocks first and at the end, the sand to fill in the cracks. Back then, without a cell phone, electronic agenda or laptop of my own, I was fascinated using the “calendar planners” sponsored by some businesses in my hometown. And of course, many post-it’s of different colors. I used to put on my calendar things like “taking a shower”, “studying”, “driving/commute”, “school”, “exercising”..…even when those were daily activities. Calendar planners and post-it’s developed into a “Palm Pilot” later on, which I remember was stolen from my purse one day and I felt “naked” without my personal organizer for activities. Read more>>

Toby Tindall | Owner of The Beignet Bus

I have learned over time to delegate a little more. My belief is you show someone your methods, then let them complete the tasks in a way they feel most comfortable. I’m learning to listen to myself more, mind, body and soul. If I need a break, I take it. That’s not to say I don’t tremendously enjoy the fast paced environment of my profession. Its like driving a race car everyday. But a race car needs to make some pit stops. Read more>>