A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever.  As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a think as work-life balance. We reached out to community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Joyce Logan | Co-Owner & Ruby Care Senior Living Advisor

Work life balance: How has your balance changed over time? Starting up a new business is all consuming initially. Working to get things off the ground, build relationships, and figure out what works and what doesn’t consume time and energy because you are wearing many hats of the business. I loved growing the business, using my social worker background, making friends and connections along the way, but ended up letting working out and my health in general slide. Read more>>

Porsche Williams | Lifestyle Manager & Mompreneur

I think work-life balance is a myth. Instead, It’s about work-life management and integration. We all wear many hats and are responsible for our ourselves, our businesses, our family and relationships, our homes and the list goes on, so it’s hard to keep all those things in perfect balance and I think you’re setting yourself up for failure if you think it’s possible. Instead, think about management and integration – all those areas can work together for you instead of against you. The idea of having to “balance” it all is literally why I started my business. Read more>>

Laurie Endsley | Photographer

I don’t think work life balance is a real thing! If I am working, I am being asked to play dinosaurs. If I am playing with my kids or taking care of my family my work to do list seems to grow by the minute. Since I work at home there is no clocking out for either job, which I think is how a lot of us creatives work. The balance has changed over time, as I have become more efficient in my job and my children have gotten older the balance has gotten a lot better. Now, when my kids are in studio while I work they are an amazing help. Read more>>

Sarah Ryan | Doula, Childbirth Educator & Yoga Instructor

So many wonderful changes and growth have occurred since last speaking with you! My family has grown by 2 this past year and I have a fresh appreciation for finding a healthy balance between family-life and work. Being a mom of multiples pushes you to be better and challenges you in more ways than one. I have also been blessed with a new colleague, Jen. Our partnership has proven to be effortless and being that we both have little’s at home have learned to use it to benefit us when serving families. Read more>>

Andres Meraz | Chef

It’s Easy to get caught up in your day to day grind. I’ve focused so many years on my career as a chef. From 12- 15 hour days, no days off for a few weeks. It can be tough, but I’ve always loved being in the kitchen. All that had to shift when I started a family. It’s taken some time to adapt to a more balanced routine, which can be difficult. I usually get up at 4 am, so I can work out before my wife and kids wake up. I’ll take some time to read and then plan out my day or days ahead of me. Read more>>

Jenny Hunter | Yoga Instructor & Founder

Even as a yoga teacher balance is sometimes elusive! I have a drive to experience life so big that I forget to pause and realize I have! My life is a balancing act of three children – one in college and two in high school, living between two homes – mine and my partner’s, managing my two businesses – a yoga studio and LiveWell wellness brand – and all of their facets. To some it may be chaotic and lacking stability, but to me, I am grounded in myself through my exploration of yoga and I’m comfortable in almost any environment! Read more>>