We had the good fortune of connecting with Jenny Hunter and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jenny, have there been any changes in how you think about work-life balance?
Even as a yoga teacher balance is sometimes elusive! I have a drive to experience life so big that I forget to pause and realize I have! My life is a balancing act of three children – one in college and two in high school, living between two homes – mine and my partner’s, managing my two businesses – a yoga studio and LiveWell wellness brand – and all of their facets. To some it may be chaotic and lacking stability, but to me, I am grounded in myself through my exploration of yoga and I’m comfortable in almost any environment! The balance comes from being very intentional with my time. Now, this is not my first nature! I’m an artist, free spirit and spontaneous creative. But through parenthood, entrepreneurship and then personally, my yoga practice, I’ve found that structure brings me more freedom. I operate each day with a plan A and plan B in mind, because my day may change 5 times in an hour! If I need to shift gears mid-day, instead of being disappointed or distracted, I simply move to the next thing on my list to make progress on my goals. I’ve surrounded myself with people who encourage my best self. They spur me on or sit me down. Ask the hard questions or hold space for me to be. Grateful and honored to have amazing people in my path!

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
It’s strange to me that my life is my business and my business is my life! It’s both intentional and at the same time quite natural! Through my process of climbing out of the dark hole that is rheumatoid arthritis, I’ve developed tools that keep me healthy and loving life! I hope that through my experience and modalities I offer, I can help many others improve their quality of life! No matter if you, too, are navigating an autoimmune disease or some other obstacle, the principles I’ve learned can make a huge impact in how you experience life! My short answer, when people ask me how I overcame RA, was yoga and real food, yet most have only their idea of what yoga is and various ideas about what “healthy food” means. Though the journey of a comprehensive yoga practice – postures, philosophy and breath work – is lifelong, the benefits are immediate! Same with food. Make the first small change and the body benefits. Then as you get to know your body and mind through your yoga practice, and begin to embody the science, your daily choices are refined from your discernment and benefits build exponentially! It’s my hope that whatever your entry into LiveWell or knowing me that it brings you lasting and life-changing benefits! That we explore both greatness and grace together!

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
I’ve learned to love Dallas and I’ve see it come alive in the last 8 years! I”m on-the-go all day, every day and have found treasures in my path where I stop for a snack, coffee or sips with clients and friends. You wanna hang with me?! You’ve gotta keep up! Sunday we start slow with espresso in Oat milk, read/write and prepare for yoga! Hope you have your yoga mat ready, Back to back classes at the yoga movement, my Dallas studio! I’ll have you upside down and making friends with muscles you didn’t even know you had in the Iyengar 1-2 class, then finding deep rest in joints and organs in the Iyengar restorative – a weekly favorite. Aside from the studio classes I work with another group and single client on their personal yoga goals. Then we prepare for the week which means the weekly pilgrimage through the Central Market maze for bulk bin stock! LiveWell Jenny Hunter clients pace their orders for first half of the week whole food, plant based meals! Maybe we stack on all the samples as we shop! Monday, yoga classes start downtown and move to the studio! in between the lineup of yoga sessions I often grab a coffee (and macaroon!) at LDU Coffee on Fitzhugh. I love supporting local small business and the Aussie guys make a proper macchiatto! Between my day sessions and night clients I’ll often office from Flower Child or Whole Foods, depends on if I need to charge my BMW i3! Both offer healthy eats while I multi-task! Tuesdays I’m all over the town (when not in quarantine!) and usually sneak in a Taco Tuesday delight at Velvet Taco or Rusty Taco if I haven’t packed my own! (Note tacos are not limited to Tuesday, nor to just one meal in the day!) Then I’m ready and fueled for my personal yoga practice at home or at Dallas Iyengar Center. Wednesdays I save for connecting with inspiring leaders in the community after morning sessions. A favorite meeting place is Origin Kitchen near Knox on McKinney. I’ve seen the owners grow their business from a coffee shop to a beautiful restaurant. Happy to support their growing business, knowing it supports their growing family! Thursdays and Fridays I’m in my other home – the yoga movement. I love spending the day at the studio, using yoga to help people find a new way and watching students and clients pick up their healthy LiveWell vegetarian meals and snacks from the studio. Food is such a huge piece of my wellness and it’s been so fun to watch people fall in love with whole food, plant-based vegetarian food! Saturdays start with movement! I love crashing other movement as often as I can – especially if it gets me out of the normal trip to the gym. My top fav’s that influence my “workouts” – Brian Johnson’s Movement Standard and Neil Kenner and his Steel Mace Flow classes.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
To those who ask me the hard questions – thank you! To Kristen Hawkinson for making me recognize my thoughts and opinions were valid. To Daniel who holds me to my word and helps uphold the vision we have for our yoga community. For my partner, Jeremy who elevates me by keeping a loving balance of no-excuses and non-judgement. And my teenagers for being patient with a mom who doesn’t do things the conventional way.

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