We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Dave Jarvis | Musician/Producer

Sometimes I feel these waves, or things will resonate and reverberate in my head, and it always seemed to happen with music and colors and shapes and how they can work together to send chills down my spine and a tingle in my toes. Music has always been with me, has always given me the charge that was needed at the time I heard it. I needed a band like Oasis when my parents got divorced. Read more>>

Zachary Davis | Recording, Mixing, & ADR Engineer

I pursued a creative career because it gave me a chance to express myself and have a hand in something that people enjoy. Music was always an escape for me and I wanted to be a part of the creative process, no matter what. i started to learn about Pro Tools in high school and could truly see a career for myself in music. Even as a kid, I never saw myself working a regular job. Read more>>

Nicci Benavides | Wardrobe stylist & Co-Owner at Benny & Sons Upholstery

I believe my decision to follow a path of creativity was always an easy one. My imagination has always been stirred by Intricate details, beauty, and color. Choosing an artistic career always comes with some financial risk, but if one can figure out how to turn their passions into income they are truly successful. Read more>>

Aaron Hollingsworth | Visual Artist & Designer

When I was 10 my parents put me in my first painting class. That’s when it really began for me. Till that point I had been drawing cartoons on the back of offering envelopes during the church services with my friend. I greatly appreciate that my parents saw I was interested and passionate about something and were willing to foster it. Read more>>

Daniela Ruiz | Digital Designer and Producer

Growing up I was always gravitated to creative hobbies. I loved drawing, fashion and being active that later on in my life, I had no idea how it would all unite into one career or job. I initially got into journalism , because it checked all the blanks of having an active lifestyle while by shooting and editing video. I realized later I wanted to completely pursue an artistic career. Read more>>

Keri Carter | Canvas and furniture artist

I knew from the moment I picked up a paint brush that I couldn’t put it down. This creative journey changed my trajectory in life, and added a new purpose that I didn’t know I needed. This purpose has provided fulfillment and empowerment deep in my soul and has awakened a passion that I can uniquely convey in my work. This journey has also allowed me to find “my tribe”, a group of like-minded, creative individuals, who encourage and support my artistic career. Read more>>

Zach Goodwin | Writer & Director

There’s one thing about movies that made me quit pursuing cybersecurity in order to learn everything about filmmaking. It’s something so special and unique to each and every film, that’s also not inherently part of any movie at all, the reaction of the viewer. The type of reaction to devasting betrayals, epic collisions, and mind bending twists. Read more>>