We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Tori Barber | Country Singer/Songwriter

I’ve been singing since I was very little. My Momma will tell you that I was singing full Reba McEntire songs when I was just two. Somehow I’ve always known that music was my ultimate passion. There have been a few interests that have come and gone, but music has always been my constant. Read more>>

Alex Yiannios | Model & Content Creator

I believe that everyone needs an outlet to express themselves. It can be collecting, gaming, or even photography for some. For me, it’s modeling and creating content! I also have a 9-5 job but there a components that it doesn’t contain, that I find in modeling to feel like a more complete version of myself. Read more>>

Nicholas Rice | Actor, Producer, Writer

The short answer, God told me to be and actor and I said, “OK!” Honestly, I was a worship leader for 16 years. I become very burned out. I saw an advertisement for an acting school Called Actors, Models and Talent for Christ. There tag line was so cheesy that I thought it was a joke. It read, “Be a star for Jesus!” I just thought to myself, “this has got to be a joke!” After a year and a half of see their advertisements, I decided to give them a try. Turns out they are really legit. Read more>>

Kelsey Ryals | Photographer

I have always had a love for the arts. Art really motivates me. I also have ADHD. I have always struggled with focus when it comes to a traditional career. But being an artist, photographer has been my outlet for my ADHD. Being creative, helps my focus and keeps me going. The wheels are always turning in my head about how I can make my sets etc. Read more>>

Holly Cerna | Artist & Creative

I have always been interested in drawing and painting, but I really started taking it seriously when someone challenged me in a competitive way. When I was around 10 years old, I was out at a restaurant with my family. This restaurant had paper table covers and the children were given crayons to draw with while they waited for their food. Read more>>

Guadalupe Gomez | A Creative & Digital Creator

Ever since I was young I would take design and art classes because it’s something I enjoyed. Ideas flow naturally to me; I’ve always been a creative by nature. I’m happy and grateful to be able to make a career from what I’m passionate about. Read more>>

Starrfacesbyceci | Mocca Makeup Beauty consultant and Makeup Artist

It all started by me doing something I had never done before, getting my makeup done. I had been going to my Brow tech for about a month at the time, my brlirthday rolled around and I wanted to be a little extra, so I booked an appointment to get my makeup done. Once she finished and I looked in the mirror, my confidence shot up to a totally different level. Read more>>

Aissetou Thompson | Hair braider/stylist

I am naturally a creative person. My mind is always at work, busy putting things together. I love articulating what I think into what I do and that to me is art. Choosing an artistic/ creative career is almost like part of me. That’s how I express myself. The excitement that comes with doing different hairstyles and meeting different people is a wonderful feeling because it satisfies my creative mind and satisfies our clients as well. Read more>>

Scott Faris | Record Producer, Musician, & Visual Artist

I made a decision as a young man to never do anything that wasn’t related to art or music. The longest I’ve ever held a job outside of the arts is six months. I spent the early part of my career touring and teaching, then I opened my recording studio, The Amusement Park. I’ve made every career decision based on whether it takes me closer to the dream or further from it. I always chose closer. Read more>>

SoHo | Recording Artist/Actor/Model

Since a kid I’ve always been drawn to music. I started singing solos in the choir at 5, In high school I began making my own music with the homies, some of which I still make music with today. Can’t think of anything better than creating something from nothing. Read more>>

Jaymill Cornelius | Content Creator

I’ve always been a creative person. Gaming was what I enjoyed doing on my free time and I’m known to be the loud and entertaining guy when gaming. That made me look into creating gaming content. I instantly fell in love with the entire process. I had to learn to edit videos, create thumbnails, promote myself as a brand. That love eventually branched off to all of the other things that I do now. Read more>>