We asked some of the most interesting folks in the community to open up about how they think about taking chances and the role risk has played in their lives and careers. Risk is by far the topic folks talk to us most about and we hope the responses below will help shed light on many different perspectives.

Janae Schiele | Film Producer, Editor, and Screenwriter

I think that each step I’ve taken to get to this point has been a risk in itself. You don’t always have to take a risk to do something great, but it’s rare if you find an opportunity that doesn’t require one. For me, it comes down to “is it worth it?”. If it is worth the struggle, the payoff, and the failure, it is worth trying. Sometimes you need to take a risk and learn how to fail. Other times, you need to take a risk so you can learn that going out of your comfort zone is often the key to your goals and dreams. Read more>>

Jillian Carey Colin | Sustainable Stylist, Designer, + Curator

I think about risk a lot. So much of my life involves risk. At the end of the day the outcome is not what matters- it’s the taking of the risk that means that you’re showing up in the world with purpose. Read more>>

Ashley Williams | C0-Founder of Common Sage & Lexa Bennett- Co Founder of Common Sage

How many times are we told growing up that the risk is worth the reward? You would think by the time we enter our young adult years and begin our careers this would stick with us a bit better but let’s face it…risk-taking is just flat out scary. You have to be prepared for things to look different than you imagined. You have to be prepared that you might jump and get some bruises or beat up along the way. Read more>>

Jordan Molina | Co-Owner

Success involves taking risks – stepping out of your comfort zone and leaping into the unknown. Sometimes the risk may result in falling, but if you persevere and keep pushing, you will come out successful. If risk is not taken, rewards will not flourish. Opening a small business was a major risk in my life and career. Read more>>

Kindall Tucker | Brow Slayer & Esthetician

My advice is to always take risks. I’ve always believed that your 20’s are for exactly that. “Playing it safe” doesn’t always equate to success. Let’s say for example, you fail. Not only will you learn and gain experience from that failure, but it means you’re taking action. You’re not sitting on the sidelines watching other people accomplish their dreams, you’re also taking the steps to achieve yours as well. Read more>>

Nancy Gonzalez | Hair stylist

I took a big leap of faith from deciding to leave the medical field. I needed to make a change for my family. My oldest son was about to start school, ever! I was stuck at at 8-4 job that was not going to allow me have the flexibility to go and pick him up freely. My husband was a truck driver and was in and out of the city. Read more>>

Darion Ahonen | Influencer & professional dancer

In life you gotta take risk, being scared to go outside your comfort zone may be the reason you haven’t got to the top of that mountain you have been climbing. Read more>>

Mary McDonald | Brand Manager

Risk taking has played a huge part in my life in more of a bi-proxy manner. When my boss Lindsey Vinson took a risk on hiring a single mother of young children who needed an adjusted schedule to be Brand Manager of Healthy Planet Products, he could not have been sure of what the outcome would be. Read more>>

Tajuanna Franklin | Virtual Executive Assistant

I wouldn’t consider myself a “risk” taker, more like a faith diver! My whole career/business has been based off of taking risks. I am a recent full-time entrepreneur who started a business a little over 7 months ago and have not looked backed since. Coming from a corporate world, I always had my security placed in the Government agency that I worked for. Read more>>

Rob Adams | Author | Coach | Real Estate Investor

I believe taking risks is what sets dreamers apart from doers. A lot of people have dreams, goals and the desire to create a better version of themselves. The only way to reach the life you want is to step out of our comfort zone and take-action. Read more>>

Alex Calderon | Photographer & Videographer

Risk taking is important in life, and that’s what i do a lot of in my life/career. It allows you to just say why not? At times you might be afraid or shy etc.. Being a risk taker is you just saying why not and just putting yourself out there, ready for challenges. To not be scared of rejection, failure and all that. It’s helped me in my life because i say why not, and i go out and out myself out there. Read more>>

Chase Kloza | Voice and film actor

Taking risks in acting is a necessity for success on and off the stage. Off stage you have to market yourself. What that means is getting out of your comfort zone and talking to people. For instance, I got onto a studios talent list by walking back in (after I was done shadowing a voice actor) and asked the receptionist to look at my demos. Read more>>