We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Kenneisha Thompson | Actor | Voice Actor | Teacher

Honestly, I did not pursue an artistic career…it kind of pursued me. I remember getting an assignment from my middle school history teacher that sort of got the ball rolling. We were studying art and poetry from different eras, and she asked us all to find a poem that spoke to us to share with the class. Most students just got up and read their poems. I thought to myself, “That’s so boring. I’m going to jazz my share up!” Also, being a procrastinator, I needed a poem short enough to remember most of it as, I waited till the last minute to do my assignment. I scrambled and found THE CHOICE by Dorothy Parker. Read more>>

Radha Subramanian | Artistic Director, Himalayan School of Traditional Dance

Artistic initiative gives wings to one’s power of imagination. It is an experience which is as large as life itself. Years of dedication and practice helps one to blossom as an artist. We develop stability at all levels and this in turn leads to a balanced lifestyle. Dance apart from working on one’s physique goes a long way in building an integrated holistic lifestyle which is the need of the day. For me, I am at my most natural and composed self when I am dancing and Dance has helped me to give back to society as a teacher! Read more>>

Jayda Lopez | Photographer & Content Creator

I’ve always had the creative mindset, loved exploring, and making memories that last. Growing up I had the idea photography would be fun and a great way to meet awesome people and families. I never took that idea seriously considering photography can be expensive at times. Back in 2015 I got a Nikon for Christmas and started taking it everywhere with me. From the gas station to Nashville, TN, it never left my side. I started taking photography seriously once I realized I was having fun and making money at the same time. I built my own website, started a print store, started pushing my content out daily, and had fun doing it! I love photography and I will always keep chasing that dream and pursuing my creative career! Read more>>

Craig Sefcik | Guitarist & Songwriter – The Dark Divide

I can probably speak for all of us when I say we have an intrinsic, unsuppressable need to create; it’s as natural and necessary as breathing, and not doing so feels much like, appropriately, smothering. We all have careers and responsibilities and to be honest in some ways life would probably be easier to an extent if we didn’t choose to carve out time for rehearsal and writing and buying expensive equipment and all the many trappings that come with being in a band, but denying that urge to create, Read more>>

Lavonta (Rennaissance) Hamilton | Music Artist/Apparel Creative

For Me, It wasn’t the “fad” that sparked the interest. After serving in the Marine Corps for eight years, I started to think outside the box. Being creative and staying in my lane has been the core that drives my inspiration. Through the daily stressors life brings upon us bring ideas and with those ideas I manifest that into my music and business. Read more>>