We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Shauntavia Carter | Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

The most important factor behind my brand is showing the strength in unity creating a ripple affect of positivity and helping each other BEFORE the need and getting rid of the hate so we can all elevate Read more>>

Spence Didd | Entrepreneur | Artist | Creative | Dental Assistant

I would say a team and a little risk taking. Understanding that you need a team to make it in the creative business, One person can only do so much. Allowing others to take on roles and responsibilities in the branding phase was probably the hardest part for me because it left me vulnerable and uncomfortable. But in order to grow you have to get out of your comfort zone and take risks. A team allows you to help build a strong foundation in which you can work and operate in. 🙏🏾 Read more>>

Jennifer Blazek | Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

Building relationships is key to my private practice. Developing relationships inside and outside of my counseling office are essential for my growth not only as a small business owner, but also my professional growth as a mental health provider . My role as a therapist is centered around creating a safe environment where relationships can be built and then nourished. Community relationships are also essential for me as a referral source and as a way for me share my skill set. Read more>>

Cynthia Ochoa Javier Sanchez | Pastry/Dessert Creators

There are many factors behind the success of our business, but the most important factor to our success has been to provide “quality” to our clients through our desserts. From the homemade butter cream frosted on our cakes to the fine detail on our chocolate dipped strawberries. The quality of our desserts is so important to us and we make sure every one of our desserts reflects it. Read more>>

Ashley Nicole Colbert | Makeup Artist

Staying true to myself and my brand. Whether it be the style of makeup I enjoy creating or something as simple as sharing the music I like. It’s hard not to fall into what’s trending because that is what seems to garner the most attention. I find the more I stay true to my authentic self, the more successful my brand is. Like attracts like. Read more>>

JRose | Spoke Word Poet, Host & Branding

One of the most important factors behind my success is staying consistent. There are so many challenges that have tried to derail my journey but focusing on staying consistent has helped me navigate through those adversities. Read more>>

Alfred Rucker | Educator & Event Designer

What I find the most important factor behind my success is building a relationship with my clients, being a listening ear first, repeat what they are looking for but add my thoughts to help expand and bring their vision to life. Read more>>

Pamela Tuckey | Professional Photographer

I feel that one of the most important factors behind my success is the service I deliver to my clients. I consult with them to gain information and details about what they want from their session. I customize it, and design it around the information I take from my consultation notes. I create a mood board on Pinterest that I then share it privately on a secret board so we can collaborate on our ideas. Read more>>