We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

April Nickleberry | Catering Services and More

My end goal is to retire from the public sector and pursue my personal business in catering full time. Read more>>

Tamill Acker | Owner Acker Home Inspections

The end goal for me is to create a family owned business that I can pass down to my kids. The goal is to franchise my home inspection company within the next 3 to 5 years and make it a national brand. Read more>>

Lauren Archibald | Texas Photographer

My end goal for my business is to be able to have my own studio that I can rent out to others if they need it and be able to work from home full time to spend more time making memories with my loved ones for years to come! I love doing photography and for helping others keep memory keepsakes to share with their loved ones that it only feels right if I can do it full time. I aim to help people share the memories of their loved ones for even when they have passed on, their love is still around to share with others as they share the memories with the younger generation and others for many years to come. Read more>>

Deward Lawrence | Public School Educator , Film Maker and Actor. Artist

As people are realizing today our many cultural beliefs , fashions , and a society’s thinking process is changing. The movies , the music, the books, the language of the past seemly erased from existing. I’m not referring to the spoken language but of the symbolic language people abided by interacting with each other . Luckily we have YouTube and google. So , what creates our conversations ? Sports ? World affairs? Music, art? Political debate? As an artist I’m a thorn provoking and draw blood reminding people through reflections and memories not to forget the past or the future. My end goal is to have produced a body of work through my life that expresses freedom not fear. If only to inspire one person. My career will never retire professionally. Read more>>

Laura Garza Agency Owner/Insurance Broker | Agency Owner/Insurance Broker

Within my insurance agency, my end goal in 1-3 years is to have a team of 4-5 rockstar agents working with me. They’ll have my back and i’ll have theirs! I’d like to do majority of the marketing and PR for the agency and be able to “feed” my agents. My biggest strength is making new partnerships and keeping them long term. Doing this will also allow me to have more of a work-life balance with my kiddo as well. Read more>>

Fanny Minnitt | Fanny Minnitt, The Faith and Inspirational Lady

My end goal is to impart before I depart. Of course, this wasn’t my end goal many years ago. If I was asked this question several years ago my end goal would have been to build a successful business create joy in my family and spread the gospel. But as I developed a more intimate relationship with God and his word I gained more wisdom and understanding of life. My purpose is still the same, but my focus and strategic planning in my business ventures has had a paradigm shift. Everything that I do is revolved around my purpose, my business is my purpose. Due to the nature of my career, my career is not going to end. I am strategically and professionaly imparting until the day I depart. Read more>>

Emily Shon | TikTok Content Creator

My end goal is to share my love for mechanical keyboards with as many people as possible. It’s an intimidating hobby to start because there’s so much to learn. However, as Taeha Types suggested, when you enjoy using your tools, you’re more motivated. You’re more productive. Everyone needs a keyboard, everyone needs to type, but not everyone takes the time to customize that experience and make it uniquely their own. It’s those improvements and small joys that get us through the day. I hope that wherever my career takes me, I’m able to convey this message and foster a supportive, accepting community along the way. Read more>>

Khalil Walker | Musician

I really have a passion for music and do this for fun. I drop new clothes randomly just love doing what I do. My end goal as an artist is to really change the sound of music and everyone perception on it. I want everyone to recognize my new sound and to don’t be afraid to step out the general sound of music. I want to push the boundaries and really impact the whole world with my music. I eventually want to start spreading positivity in my music. I don’t mind where I am at the end of my professional career long as I get to do what I love and create more art. I would like to start a new genre of music and put Dallas Texas on the map. Read more>>

Samantha Sanguino | Photographer

My goal is to open up my own studio. I have a clear vision of what my studio will look like. I want to have a space where I can create whatever I want, whenever I want. I also want to open up the space to other creators so they can have a reliable place to shoot content. I want photography to be a part of my life forever, whether that’s shooting with clients are running my studio. Read more>>