We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Jessica M. Chaix | Artist

Art is changing all the time! With all social media, there is really nothing that is a secret. Everything is out there: techniques, mediums, styles, EVERYTHING is exposed. However, the difference between one Art piece and another, is from the artist’s side, the mastering of the media and what the Art piece means to you. The feeling it gives you, what it expresses, and the perception you get from it. The usage of mediums, colors, or techniques can apparently be the same, but the final result of them tells a different story. Mastering a medium or a technique is a unique experience that shows practice and expertise. It allows the artist to speak to you and transmit all the hours of experimentation, frustration, studies, feelings, etc. This is a unique voice that only a specific piece of Art has inside it. Read more>>

Melissa Dieterich | Maternity, Newborn and Baby Photographer

One thing that outsiders probably don’t know is how much is involved in a posed newborn session. First I hand pick and design all of my set-ups based on the clients color and props choices. Then at the session posing the baby takes time. I like to have every detail perfect right down to fingers and toes placement. Some poses are harder than others and some babies do poses easier than others. It’s this time when the parents will usually mention how much patience I have and be amazed with everything involved to get that perfect shot. Read more>>

David Truesdale | Co-founder , Certified Warrior Yoga Teacher & iRest Meditation Level 2 Teacher

Prior to helping found Warrior Spirit Project I was a Special Agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and served in that capacity for over 27 years. I rose from a Special Agent position to a Supervisory Special Agent and was ultimately promoted to Resident Agent in Charge, Okinawa, Japan with responsibility for all Department of the Navy (DoN) criminal, counterintelligence and counter terrorism operations/investigations in Okinawa and 1/3 of mainland Japan.. Working in this industry, I served in nine different duty stations spending over fifteen years outside of the United States, and I have worked in 31 states and 15 different countries. I served in Iraq in 2004 with the Coalition Provisional Authority Counterintelligence (CPACI) and led Blue Team on over 80 tactical counterintelligence missions. I also served in Afghanistan in 2011/2012 with a U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Task Force. Read more>>

Marian Hirsch | Fine Artist

Artists do not sit around and wait for inspiration; we continually work to hone our skills. Painting, drawing, color, composition – all require diligent daily practice. When something really does excite the creative passion, we have to be ‘game’ ready to put that onto paper or canvas. That takes tenacity and perseverence. Read more>>