We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Rosalia Nava

I would say it’s the amount of time that goes into everything. I work on mostly custom orders so making every piece is very time consuming. It’s a long process to post products online, answer emails, create and package the orders. This is why when you order custom items from small shops it’s good to order early and be aware of the makers’ turn around time. I have had to learn how to manage my time wisely. Although it can still be a struggle to juggle everything, I am thankful for every order and love what I do. Read more>>

Saima Ahmad | Wedding and Event Planner & Decorator

The most important thing that I want outsiders to understand is how hard we work and how time-consuming and precise the event planning and decor industry is. Because of that, many times it is not easy to explain your prices to your clients. Also, part of my business is custom decor, where I literally create something custom and unique for my clients. Luckily, at the end, most of them realize how time-consuming it is, and they actually say that I should be charging more because of all the hours and hard work that my team and I put into it. Read more>>

Dominique Ransom | Tattoo Artist / Body Piercer

I definitely would say that the average person outside of my industry does not understand how our income works. Most tattoo shops nowadays work off a percentage which is usually 60/40 the artist takes home 60% of the earnings for the day and gives the shop 40% for the room or spot they are tattooing out of! So when I’m charging you $500 for your tattoo in reality I’m only walking away with $300. It sucks but this is the way the industry is unless you worked in a private studio or worked in a tattoo shop that provided booth rent then you would have a set rate that you would pay a month just like hairstylist and nail artist do! Read more>>