We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Olivia Arratia | Artist, Photographer, & Graphic Designer

“Make sure the field you go into will make you lots of money” I believe there is a missing element to this piece of “advice”. It suggests that the main goal in a career is to make money and never stop to think twice about the effects it will have in your life. We are humans, comprised of talents and gifts. We have passions and are made for love! I think the better way of saying is, “Make sure you are passionate about the field you are going into, then find ways on how you can make a living out of it.” There is a “dream job” out there for everyone! Sometimes we are looking in the wrong places to find it. Read more>>

Kelsey Gonzalez | Fitness Coach

Hustle hustle hustle Grind all day and hustle all week is something I’ve seen promoted everywhere. I think this is mainly because entrepreneurs just starting out have to learn many new skills and wear all the hats in their business until they have enough success to start outsourcing the parts of their business they don’t enjoy, the stuff that takes up all their time or that they’re just not skilled at. I see a few problems with “always be hustling”… First, hustle comes at a cost that entrepreneurs can often underestimate. As an entrepreneur myself, I can absolutely relate to the temptation to grind all day because when you are working on something you are passionate about, you just get “sucked in.” But here’s reality – when we say “yes” to something, we are simultaneously saying “no” to many other things. Sure, we all have to say no to certain distractions or comforts to pursue our dream but it becomes dangerous when we begin saying “Yes” to an all-day hustle, and saying “no” to our spouse, our kids, our relatives, our friends and even ourselves by depriving ourselves of sleep, exercise and healthy food. Read more>>

Kjradiant | Mental Health Influencer

My art is highly based on the most vulnerable part of myself and for many: my inner child. My younger self. When I first walked into the social media world I was so excited to connect with all of these new possible friends(I didn’t have many in real life truly I was a dork, a nerd, and had enough social anxiety to charge a Tesla for life) and make new connections. However it wasn’t long before comparisons started: Why I didn’t have as many followers? How does she get so many more likes than me? Call it insecurity call it competitive nature I hated it, but more importantly I couldn’t figure out why. Unfortunately my young brain decided it was because all of these women were prettier than me and I was devastated. It transferred to real life and every where I went there were girls all beautiful and stunning and I could see why they had so many followers, so many friends. Long down the road, a severe eating disorder, and several mental health issues to go with it I was still obsessed with social media and comparing myself to other women. Read more>>