We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Herbert Murray | Creative Director, Entrepreneur & Thought Leader

When anyone learns that I own my own company, I am often asked: “What did you do?” or “What makes you successful?” However, through this journey in self ownership, I’ve learned that this is the exact line of questioning to avoid. It is for more important to gain insight into peoples failings. It is impossible to replicate anyones steps to success. Success is earned through learning what not to repeat. But you can get a head start and prepare for pitfalls by getting an idea of what they are. Read more>>

Reagan Quinn | Musician & Songwriter

One piece of advice that I disagree with is that making a living in the music industry is unlikely. Generally, that type of advice is given by people who—however well meaning—have no experience in the music industry at all! In fact, there are hundreds of different jobs, and different levels of success within music, just as in any other industry. Becoming a full time musician with a good living IS hard work, but no harder than starting your own business. No harder than spending years honing any other craft or working in any other field. And like any other career path, after a few years of hard work and dedication success is very likely. Read more>>

Tom Skulan | Publisher

One of my biggest regrets in my life was that I followed the advice from everyone about going to college. I deeply regret the time and money spent on going to college. I would have been much better of starting my own business while still in high school. Read more>>

Hailey Reville | Electrologist

Everyone usually says “choose something with job security”. While it is generally more secure it doesn’t always ensure happiness, great pay, or even actual security. I used to be in the world of medicine and radiology before I began my aesthetic adventure. I did enjoy aspects of the medical environment but it wasn’t where I found my true passion or even what I’m best at. Read more>>

Tara Ortiz | Chandler & Part Owner Stappato LLC

I have been told for a good part of my life to “Bloom Where You Are Planted” and I loved it. I LIVED it. I would strive to shine in any place I found myself and thought that if I worked hard enough, I could force my way to success. In its intended messaging, it is quite lovely: to be exemplary regardless of the circumstances life throws at you. But taken too generally, it can breed complacency, stuckness, and threatens chasing down a path that’s not meant for you. Read more>>