Starting a business is a commitment and requires dedication, resources and sacrifice. We asked some of the rising stars in our community how they thought through the idea of starting their own businesses.

Wilfred Obi Jr | CEO & FOUNDER – OBTECH Enterprise

The business world has always been part of me even while working 9-5 and as an entrepreneur, my focal point was bringing solutions to an existing problem and striving to improve the common cause. Prior to founding OBTECH Enterprise, I established an online Food delivery servicing company to usher in a better solution for restaurants not to pay high commission fees and ease the delivery of food to customers. On founding OBTECH Enterprise, my love for music and technology gave me the idea to give the community quality and reliable products and services. Read more>>

Carson Kidd | Co-Owner of Moravian Coffee

When the three of us were reaching the end of our time in college we began to dream about what our lives were going to look like. The more we talked the more we realized that none of us wanted to get 9-5 jobs in our respective majors for the next 40+ years. We once heard the quote “when you find your tribe, you find your destiny” and decided to run with that. Read more>>

Stefanie Mwaura | Food Designer

God dropped this business in my lap in a sense. I was a bridesmaid for my friend Miesha’s wedding and her catering options changed last minute. I had GATHERED a grazing table for her wedding shower and she asked if I could do the same for her cocktail hour at the wedding, of course I’m not letting my friend down on her wedding day! After the wedding the wedding coordinator came up to me asking for my business card for the table. As I said before I was only doing this for a friend! Read more>>

Cynthia Rogers | CEO & Founder

Cynfully Soul Good was created for the sole purpose of creating revenue for Divas DFW Inc., a mentoring program for at-risk adolescent girls. In November 2021, we launched our vegan cheese sauce and organic spice blends to encourage us to watch what we consume. Our future goals are to provide job opportunities in the DFW metroplex and educate others about a plant-based lifestyle. Read more>>

Taylor Martin | Co-Founder and President

Dallis Meeks (Co-Founder) and I started Wealth Between Us out of a desire to not only positively impact underserved communities, but because financial literacy is an urgent need. As we matriculated through our Finance degree program, we reflected on our own experiences with money and how we noticed a gap in knowledge compared to our other peers. From here, we decided to take control and come up with a way to close the increasing wealth gap and increase wealth equity in a contemporary and innovative way. Read more>>

Aaron Clough | Realtor

While I had thought about going full time into real estate, the jump of point of going full time into real estate was really made for me at the end of 2020. I had been a licensed agent since 2018 but was doing it part time or “dual career”, alongside my full time job selling PropTech solutions to real estate owners/operators. My wife and I had talked about me making the switch to full time real estate in early 2021 but like most people leaving good paying jobs, the fear of going from a high paying corporate job to business owner was scary. Read more>>

Brian D. Agnew | Leadership Coach & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategist

The thought process behind starting Sphinx Minerva Group was to provide support to those who needed it most. Our initial focus was on serving non-profits, social service organizations, entrepreneurs, minority and women-owned businesses. In many cases, these businesses have less capital for reinvestment, shoestring operational budgets and need assistance navigating complex industries. Read more>>

Kristie Wehe | Farmer

When we moved back to Texas in 2014, we were surprised that we could find pastured pork in the Austin area, but not organic pastured pork. We’ve both lost parents to cancer and organic farming is really personal and important to us. Since we couldn’t find it, we decided to start our own farm. Our goal has always been to make organic, pastured, ethically and humanely raised meats as affordable as possible. Read more>>

Hansel Moore II | Realtor, Investor, & Entrepreneur

Starting your own business is like starting a new journey towards your passion or what you love to do. I believe when starting a business it has to be something you love to do, and brings some type of joy to your life. That joy can be the money you make or the freedom of having your own time schedule and not having to clock-in for someone else. Read more>>

Dr. Katie Ulam | Owner and chiropractor at Coastline Chiropractic

I always knew I wanted to have my own business but was always scared to take the leap. I worked for someone else in their practice for over 4 years and saw what I had built up for someone else and thought to myself I can either continue to grow someone else’s business and dreams or finally go out on my own to start working on my goals and dreams. There were a lot of obstacles along the way, but now looking back I am thankful I did it. I have now had my own chiropractic business for a little over 4 years. Read more>>

Virtta Elizabeth | Wax specialist & Brow Artist

I’ve been an Esthetician for over 6 years and during those 6 years I’ve worked for very major Spa’s and Waxing Studios. Over those years I’ve noticed how little these big names can make you feel and how little they can really value you and your skills. No matter what in this industry you have to pay to work , no matter how you look at it right, so why not pay myself all my coins I worked for. Read more>>

Taylor Coborn | Permanent Makeup Artist

I’ve always known that the office life was not for me. I wasn’t always sure what I would do or where I would end up, but I knew it wouldn’t be inside office walls and sitting behind a desk. Having that realization, helped me weed out any potential opportunities that would lead to something like that. Over time, different doors started to open for me; one would present itself, I’d walk through to a new path and that would lead me in front of another one and so on. Read more>>

Brian Serrano | Executive Director & Pastor

We started Messiah Texas because we saw the need for high quality, high energy, Christ centered events. We knew there was a need to meet and that Texas was the place to do it. Read more>>

Izell Bennett | CEO and Founder of K.I.N.G.S Clothing Brand

For the last 20 years I have been working with varies youth demographics. I managed a residential facility for juvenile offenders to help reallocated youth who were released from prison back into the community. I worked with sibling groups and emergency placements for youth in Foster Care as Cumberland Children’s home as they tried to learn how to start over after being exposed to trauma. Read more>>

Tochukwu Chukwu | Roofing/Waterproofing Expert & Quantity Surveyor

I live in Nigeria, à West African country blessed with huge natural, mineral and human resources yet plagued by poor management and administration. There is usually little or no effort by the government to provide employment for the teeming youths who make up 60% of the population. This has led many youths to either flee the country or get into vices. However, I belong to the class of youth who believe that “I can work out my salvation”. Read more>>

Cindy Liebel | Founder | Metalsmith | Artist

Since I could remember, I’ve always been passionate about creating things through the lens of my film camera, making my own clothes using my mom’s Singer sewing machine, and crafting a memorable portfolio. In all honesty, I didn’t really think I would have my own jewelry business, I saw myself rising up in the corporate world as an Executive Business Manager. Times changed when I became a mom to two amazing human beings, now teenagers. Read more>>

Sereta Smith | Licensed Cosmetologist/ Esthetician

I started my own business because I always had a love for skincare, esthetics and really the beauty industry as a whole. Growing up in a small town however, there was no avenue for that so i had to create it. Read more>>

Kim Perez | Artist and Market host and coordinator

As a stay at home mom, I wanted something to do where I could be at home with my boys and make a profitable income. I love to paint and host markets. It is a way to help small businesses and also have a platform to sell my artwork. Read more>>

Nick Reeder | Happiness Hustler

I was looking for more control of my time. I have always been a hard worker, but never really had a say of how much my work benefited me and my family. I like knowing that if I work hard, and build up my business my family can really benefit greatly from what I do. I enjoy being able to work when I need to, and the freedom to enjoy my schedule as I choose. I also wanted something I could leave to my family. I am the first in my family to start a business and my goal is to encourage the next generation to step out on faith and do something that they really enjoy. Read more>>

Dr. JaNair Osarollor, DC | Perinatal & Pediatric Chiropractor

To be honest, how I envisioned myself starting a business, was not how it played out at all. It was more of a “it’s now or never” kind of scenario. I’ve been in the chiropractic profession for 6 years so far. I was an associate chiropractor for about 4 of those years before I started my own business. Before I started my own business, I aspired to be a chiropractor that focused on women’s health, caring for birthing families and children. Read more>>

Larry D West III | Tax Strategist | CFO | National Speaker

There were, and still remain, three core thoughts behind starting my business. The first is legacy. While I don’t have a hard set expectation for my kids to take over my business, I want them to have the option. That is the option to take over and run it, the option to remain an investor, the option to sell it. The second is personal happiness. At my core, I know that I would never be achieve happiness or satisfaction unless I took complete ownership over my career. Last, because it’s a dynamic challenge. Starting a business is not a vertical path. It’s a woven tapestry of challenges. Those challenges keep me fresh and motivated.No day is ever dull. Read more>>

Shajuana | Owner of BGA & Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer and managing a screen printing company, I was always creating for other people. I began feeling drained because I felt like I was constantly pouring into other people but not into myself or my dreams. So, I decided to create a brand for my son and I. I wanted something we could wear and be proud of. I didn’t want anything to busy or trendy. I wanted something classic that could be worn at any time. That vision led to BGA. Read more>>

Latoya Rideau | Birth & Postpartum Doula

My first thought behind starting my own business was some thing that seems so terrifying and impossible to me while at the same time felt so natural. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and could honestly say I’ve worked as one since a child, helping my mom with hers in fact. We seem to psych ourselves out more as an adult than ever in childhood; so things are very easy to try to self sabotage. As I actually just got started with making small moves things got better just by the spark of my creativity and the optimism of how I would impact others. Overall, I’d definitely say my first thought was false evidence appearing real. Read more>>

Misrain Martinez | Owner of “Dissipate Fat Burner”

I kept seeing other supplement companies on T.v or online boasting about their product with outrageous lies. So I decided to create a fat burner that actually works without having to lie about what it does. Read more>>

Zahid Rao | Businessman & Entrepreneur

Well, I have been in business for almost 20 years now. I have ventured into different avenues such as convenience stores, restaurants, hotels and now most recently a banquet hall. I have learned a lot and throughly enjoyed my experiences. Prior to my business entanglements, I worked in a corporate setting and was a consultant for PWC. Overtime, I realized that there is no financial ceiling owning a business and I admired the idea of being my own boss (realistically the customers are your boss). Read more>>

Arniesha “Remmie” Randall | Stylist |Entrepreneur|Buisness Mom

I said I need to figure out a master plan after I worked unaccommodating schedules for many employers. Especially after having my second child as a single mom- i needed flexibility.. I remember resigning, and saying I’m letting go and letting God! Starting praying and asked the most high to guide me. Exact words .”I Let Go, So What’s Up.” In tears trusting the most high- I spent my last check at Sally’s on startup supplies. Read more>>