We’ve always believed that forming a strategy is impossible until your clear on what your values and principles are.  Without values and principles to guide you, making decisions can seem impossibly difficult.  Given how important setting values and principles is to decision making we asked folks we admire to tell us about the values or principles that matter most to them.

Rachel B-Foy | America’s Favorite Quitter

Authenticity and Transparency are important principles that matter to me. In an age of social media, filters, photoshop, and more, people can ‘create’ an online life which is not reality. I myself had fallen to the ill-advised notion of believing what you see and even comparing my journey to that of others. What I learned from that particular experience: 1) Give yourself GRACE. In my willingness to be more transparent, people saw how they related to my journey…the good, the bad, and the down-right ugly. Read more>>

Japonica Walker | Doctor of Natural Medicine, Health and Wellness Practitioner, Certified Belief Therapist, and Personal Trainer

The two principles that matter most to me now are “I am valuable and I was created for greatness!” These two principles have been a part of my life for the last 35 years of being a Christian, I made sure I applied this principle to how I treated others while neglecting to apply it to myself first. Several life events had to teach me that these two principles had to apply to me first before I gave it away. I no longer give from a broken place, but I now give from an overflow. Life continues to be a great teacher! Read more>>

Kylee Harmon | Pole Dance and Flexibility Instructor

Something that matters to me the most is personal growth and happiness. It it important to grow as a person because you never know what the result of personal growth will be. If you don’t allow yourself to grow, you won’t go anywhere. If you do not allow yourself happiness, it will be much harder to accomplish your goals. Happiness is extremely important for everybody. When you are unhappy, it is a negative block in your life which makes it difficult to get anything done and puts a strain on your relationships. Read more>>

Shunita Salone | Pastry Chef & Caterer

Integrity is at the top of the my list of values. I strive to do things right by my customers even during unprecedented times like now. I believe that doing what’s right is necessary and will go a long way in building rapport. Read more>>

Saba Habiz | Happiest girl | Lover of dogs & nature | Histotechnologist & Model

Courage and growth are the main principles to me. Courage is about doing what you believe needs to be done; not in the absence of fear but in spite of it. Courage requires you to step outside of your comfort zone. If you have no fear, you don’t need courage, but when something you know you have to do makes you feel sick inside, courage is what makes you do that thing anyway. I think courage is certainly required in this life. Growth is one of my core values. I know that growth isn’t a destination but a process. I want to enjoy that process and help others to enjoy their own. Read more>>

Zachary Garza | Executive Director of Forerunner Mentoring and Founder of the You Can Mentor network

Faithfulness is the value that matters most to me. Being someone that is true to their word and a person that others can count on is of the utmost of importance to me. I believe that there are not too many things more important than proving to others that they can trust me to do what I said I am going to do. The little things matter as well. Small things like being faithful to arrive on time to meetings shows that I value other people’s time. Being faithful to say “thank you” and giving people my full attention tells someone that I appreciate them and care about our relationship. Read more>>

Alyssa Moore | Nonprofit Founder

One of my most valued principles stems from Bible verse, Matthew 7:12 AMP which speaks about loving others and treating them in the same aspect that you would like to be treated. “So then, in everything treat others the same way you want them to treat you, for this is [the essence of] the Law and the [writings of the] Prophets.”   This is a grounding foundation that teaches you not to act from selfishness or injustice, but instead to continuously put yourself in the place of the other. It teaches the exercise of an impartial judgment, being candid, and just. Read more>>

Osungu Szpernalowski | Content creator & business owner

I have so many life principles that matter to me but Self love is one of the most important. It is very important to accept your flaws and get to deeply know yourself. I find that with social media, it is so easy to envy others, whether it is their physical attributes, job or lifestyle . We are so often unfair to ourselves. When you accept and love yourself wholeheartedly, you can achieve anything. I had to learn that these past couple of years. Read more>>

Tiffany Meyer | Functional Nutritionist

Listening to the client. The truth is, if you aren’t on the same page as your client, they aren’t going to make progress. Whether you’re an MD or a Nutritionist, listening to our patients and clients is critical. No one knows your body better than YOU, so it’s my job to listen to you, your concerns, and your story. I also always tell my clients that if I make a recommendation and they DON’T understand why, it’s very important that they ask. I need my clients to understand WHY I make the recommendations I do, and occasionally that brings up a VERY important health history fact they forgot to include. Read more>>

Neslie Fudge | Photographer

Integrity. Always my integrity. If I say I am going to be somewhere or do something I stick to that. I have always tried to be dependable and trustworthy and honest. I strive to hold that same lifestyle as a business owner. I want my clients to trust my worth ethic, creativity, and know that I will always try to put their best interest first. Read more>>

Tremaine Johnson | Youth Pastor Mentor

Integrity is the principle that matters the most to me. I hold true to the philosophy that if you do right be people than right comes back around to you. Also i might fail in other areas but never will my integrity be called into questions. Read more>>