We’ve always believed that forming a strategy is impossible until you’re clear on what your values and principles are. Without values and principles to guide you, making decisions can seem impossibly difficult. Given how important setting values and principles is to decision making we asked folks we admire to tell us about the values or principles that matter most to them.

Deb Cantrell | Chef, Culinary Entrepreneur & Culinary Business Coach

I have a personal set of core values that I established after a few of my companies running me and letting them almost destroy my health and relationships. I realized that we have core values for companies that we ask our employees to abide by but we don’t have them for ourselves. I am a driven person and used to stop at nothing to accomplish a goal and because of that, I need boundaries and core principals. One of those personal core values is “no amount of success in business will ever compensate for failure in the home.” Read more>>

Rachel Burt Garcia | Wedding Planner & Designer

The principle that matters the most to me in my business is discipline. There is a quote by Jim Rohn that I live by. He said, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Meaning, you can’t just wish for it. You have to work for it! Discipline creates habits that form actions! As a wedding planner, I can often trap myself in “Analysis Paralysis” and plan and think through every option or avenue for my business. While there is some merit in this, staying stuck in this phase gets you nowhere. Having the discipline to act on these plans has been the single biggest game changer in my business. While having the discipline to take actions in your business and in your life may seem daunting, I have found that the following works for me- 1. Just Decide! Read more>>

Anthony Moreno | Wood Artisan turned Artist

My value’s are GOD, Family and creating Art that brings Love and Hope and some kind of peace to everyone. I know I am far from where I need to be but with God’s patient’s and love and with the love of my family and friends I get a little closer every day to where I need to be. So everything I create be it a wood art carving or vinyl art on painted glass the tone of the piece is about Love, Angels, Love lost or an illusion piece but always something that makes you feel, my motto is “Art you can feel”, not only because of the carving on the wood and the vinyl on the outside of the glass but hopefully to make you feel how I was feeling and thinking when I originally drew it out. Read more>>

Kathy Taylor | Personal Leadership Coach

Kindness is always at the top of the list because when we’re kind to each other, the world is a better place. True kindness requires our focus to be anywhere but on ourselves. Kindness expressed as an unexpected response to anger causes tempers to settle, Kindness shared as a compliment or a smile can make someone’s day. Kindness, to me, is a component of connection. When we, as humans, feel connected–to ourselves and other people, it’s easier to have empathy and compassion even for those we may not like. Kindness allows us to see each other as human. Read more>>

Ossa Fisher | President & COO

I believe that making a meaningful impact in the lives of others is what gives our own lives deeper purpose. By expanding the communities in which we participate and connecting with those who occupy them, we gain a greater direction and understanding for ourselves. In short, it is our relationships with — and impact on — others that ultimately define us. Personally, I recognize relationships in the broadest sense of the word — from my very immediate family, to my neighbors, to people in the world I may never meet in person but can connect with through work or ideas or good deeds. The most important aspect of a relationship is a connection — and many times that connection stems from the sheer ripple effect of the work we do. Read more>>