We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Andrea Castaneda | Founder and Design Director

PASSION I started my business out of a hobby: creating pieces of art made out of pressed flowers. After 2.5 years basically working two full-time jobs, I was able to quit my corporate job to follow my passion. Creating art and connecting with people are what make me the happiest! This business has given me the ultimate gift: to move people in unique ways through handmade art. SURVIVAL Having to pivot my business has been one of the most scary yet rewarding this I have done. Six months after quitting my job, I saw a decrease on sales; people were not spending money in January as they did pre-Christmas. I had to change the structure of my business to serve brides more than creating random pieces of art. This shortly became even more satisfying, as I was able to bring people so much joy with their own bridal bouquets. I hired my first Full Time employee when pivoting and grew this company so much that we are now #1 in Pressed Bridal Bouquets Worldwide! 2.5 years after quitting my job. Read more>>

Joseph Evans III | Photographer | Writer | Sneaker Lover

Helping others makes me happy. Serving others makes me happy. Especially my brothers and sisters in the Black community. Growing up in poverty, I always believed that the only way I could help others was through gaining wealth. Being introspective and attentive to the ways that I affected others I grew to realize that simply is not true. I am still on the pursuit of wealth and legacy building. But I have come to realize if that is not in the fold of God’s plans for my life I would be able to accept it. This is because I help people in various ways. With my spoken words and writings of encouragement and motivation. Through the many forms of love that I exude. I do it through gift giving and acts of kindness. I do it through my photographs and visual creation. It all comes from love. I do it through my hard work. I try to love others selflessly, more so than myself. Helping and serving others, from animals to humans, is what makes me happiest as I travel this Earth. Read more>>

Payton Templeton | Photographer

My photography makes me beyond happy. I’ve never felt so sure about something in my whole life. I’ve been involved with it ever since I was young. I got my first camera at 13 and a “big” camera at 14, I found love for photography ever since then. Being able to express my feelings and art through a photograph is something so important to me. It’s drawn me to advance with this hobby to a potential career. Even though I’m just starting out, I’ve launched a photography business (www.Payton Templeton photography.com). It’s been a bit of a struggle during these hard times regarding the pandemic and growing my business, but that doesn’t stop my passion and love for what I do. Soon, I’ll be attending Sam Houston State University with a major in photography in fall of 2021. With loads of hard work and dedication I plan to continue this drive I have with photography in the future!. Read more>>