Inspiring entrepreneurs and creatives from the community open up about the experiences that have had the biggest impact on their career below.

Misty Vento | Artist

The biggest impact on my careerand life in general was definitely losing my 4 year old son in 2012. I had been an artist most all of my life but had abandoned it due to some life changes and circumstances. When I lost my son it was a reminder to find my way back to myself and what I love to do. Read more>>

Lauren Jackson | Life Coach

The biggest impact on my life has definitely been having children. I had my first daughter at 19. I essentially had to quickly grow up and raise this little human that relied solely on me. I decided that no matter what challenges lay ahead that I would continue to attend college and obtain my degree. A short three and a half years later I had my other daughter. They both have taught me many things along the way, such as the true meaning of unconditional love, patience SOOO MUCH patience and to be non – judgmental in all aspects of life. Read more>>

Andrea Meyer | Owner & Executive Pastry Chef of Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie

Until a few years ago, my travels to France would have been the most profound life experience impacting my career. Since then, my bone cancer diagnosis and treatment has completely changed my life and my ability to do the day to day activities of being a Pastry Chef. I now focus my time much more on the growth of our business and the development of my staff. I focus on helping them reach their goals and find gratification in seeing them learn and excel. Read more>>

Devon Dittmer | Cookie Maker

I was really unhappy in a job I had a few years ago and it dawned on me that what I was doing wasn’t inspiring me in any way and wasn’t making people happy. It wasn’t making a difference in people’s lives. I felt stuck. I realized that I felt passionate about baking and I loved seeing how my cookies brightened people’s days. It dawned on me that life is way too short to be stuck doing something that makes you miserable! So, that’s when I started selling my cookies and it’s been such a growing experience. Read more>>