Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Sandeep Sulhan | Music Artist

Till this day I feel like I haven’t achieved anything yet. I am never satisfied, I always want to keep growing and keep learning. There’s a famous Bollywood dialogue which I truly believe in, it states: “Never run after success, go for excellence, if you go for excellence, success will come running behind you” To answer this question, I follow these mottos everyday, and keep telling myself to perform like a boss, and keep learning like a student. Read more>>

Kris Zizzo | Online Health & Fitness Coach

I’d start by saying that I wouldn’t consider myself a success quite yet. My idea of success is being at a level of comfort with the business(es) I’ve created that, if everything were taken from me tomorrow, I would still be fulfilled in what I’ve accomplished. I’m not there… yet. That said, my brand is moving towards success quickly. I believe the single most important factor contributing to my rapid growth is the true investment that I have in my clients and my projects. Read more>>

Misty Davis | CEO/Owner

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is my husband. Even though he doesn’t know much about the fashion industry, he is very intelligent on business aspects. He brings insight on other ways of thinking that helps when I can’t think outside of my own thought process. He is my biggest cheerleader. Read more>>

C.h.a.m.p (Baby Debo) | Rapper and CEO of IER Entertainment

The most important factor behind the advancement and growth for both myself as a person (Nate Miller) and my brand C.h.a.m.p, is the discipline to isolate myself from society and starve my pleasures. I feel like your value as an individual rises and you don’t allow the world to taint your vision. It was in a time of obscurity and loneliness that I developed my artist’s name C.h.a.m.p (Change Happens at My Pace), Your creativity is the highest when by yourself. Read more>>

Razor Focus | Celebrity Barber

Staying humble, consistent, and making sure all clients receive the ultimate professionalism at each experience appointment they book. Read more>>

Landon Forgette | Owner, coffee & art enthusiast

It seems obvious, but empathy is the most important factor behind the business and it’s success. I rarely think about what I think I would like, and instead think about how a customer would feel. Does the customer feel welcome walking into the store? Do they feel like they would want to return? If I change the menu, how well would it read to the customer behind the counter? If I add an item or remove an item, how will that affect the new and the existing customers. Do my employees make the customer feel like they are there to help them if they need it? Read more>>

Chris Gronkowski | CEO Ice Shaker Inc.

Playing sports at the pro level taught me a lot. I was in some amazing organizations that function at the highest level. When I went into business, It took me a while to realize that the business is the same thing as playing on a team. The only difference was that my role had now changed. I was no longer the player, I was now the coach. My job wasn’t to perform, it was to organize and build the coaches, the systems, the processes to allow us to win. Read more>>

Christian Sargent | CEO/Co-Founder Vicky Cakes

The most important factor behind the success of our brand is authenticity and being relatable. As millennials, we understand that we live in a society where influencers and oversharing goes hand and hand. No one wants another cookie cutter brand trying to convince you to buy a product you don’t need and cannot relate to. This is why we decided to carve out our space in the CPG industry and instead of being just another pancake mix brand we became the relatable breakfast brand that speaks to life while including our family traditions along with a killer product that feeds the heart and soul. Read more>>

Dakota Weathersby | Social Media Influencer (Stud~ish Media)

There are so many factors for my success and they are all imperative to the growth, but the entity that we sometimes lose sight of is “Family.” That is by far my most important factor. My family extends from home to all my members in my group. People are looking for a home where they belong as they are and I give them that platform. My brand is inclusive extending to lgbtq+ and Allies. Family comes in all dynamics so why should we exclude ones that are different from us? Read more>>

Jeseka Price | Music Publisher, Celebrity Manager & Editorial Hip-Hop Blogger

First, Let me send My Apologies in Advance For The Wait, Hope That This write-up is Not Too Late? Also, Please Feel Free To Shorten or Paraphrase my lengthy content below, sorry I just write and write:)———————————————————————————————–Question Chosen:*What is the most important factor behind your success / the success of your brand? ” I would have to say, the most important factor behind my personal success along with the “God-Willing” success of my company & its future via “Price Royalty Publishing, LLC” is the fact that I remain: Read more>>