We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Ryan Young | Husband, Dad, Entrepreneur and Podcast Host.

“Legacy”, is defined as “money or property left to a person by someone who has died” and the second definition is “something that is a result of events in the past.” If you had asked me this a decade ago, I would have given a completely different answer than today. When I was younger, I thought that money equaled success. Coming from poverty and being raised by a single mother, the thought of leaving nothing behind for my family after all the years of hard work and heartache, would make me cringe. It drove me and caused me to lose sight of what this life is all about. Now that I have found success, even though it is precarious at times, I see now what I would want my legacy to be. Kindness. Oh sure, “Ryan was an artist”, “Ryan was a great businessman”, “Ryan was a leader” would all be great things to hear whispered around my passing. Read more>>

Baylee Compton & Riley Reeves | Boutique Owners

As we became first-time owners of an online boutique, we contemplated how we would stand out and be “remembered”. Our goal is to empower women to look and feel their best by sourcing high quality items that you can mix and match to create stylish ensembles. It is amazing how much of an impact clothing has on our daily lives. It has the ability to make you feel powerful, comfortable, sexy, smart, and so much more. We want to help our customers feel their best selves not only by providing an online platform to order from, but by also bringing our shop to them through in-person events. We love connecting with our customers and creating curated styles that match their personality and lifestyle. We want people to remember us for our passion and positive expression in hopes that others can be inspired to chase their dreams while looking and feeling their best. Read more>>

Marcella Colavecchio | Contemporary Figurative Artist

The notion of leaving a “legacy” behind is one of the biggest motivating factors in my life. A lot of people associate legacy with having children; I’ve always associated it with a mark that can I leave behind on the betterment of society through my artwork. I want people to remember me as someone who worked incredibly hard and wasn’t afraid to elevate marginalized voices in my artwork. I never shy away from shining a spotlight on the systems of oppression that provide the structure to our society. Read more>>

Hillary Galvin | MultiMedia Artist, Game Artist, Drag Performer

I see art as a way to clear out the negative emotions in my life, a way to reinterpret the past and move forward. Art has always been a compulsion ever since I was a very little kid dealing with life events and coping with emotions, and as I grew the meaning behind what and why I drew certain things came to light. I not only want to create and be remembered for a world that is full of amazing creatures, characters, and designs, but for the reason in which why it exists in the first place and the journey I am going on by creating art. Through quarantine, I was diagnosed with dissociation with parts, meaning that my mind is fragmented into different ‘alters’. Throughout our separate lives, separated by amnesia barriers, we all created our own worlds and stories – forgotten by other alters as they fronted and worked on their own. Read more>>