We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Myesha Johnson | Color Street Stylist & Nurse Practitioner

I’m inspired by success stories. I’m surrounded by successful people in business as many of my family and friends are entrepreneurs. They keep me motivated and give me something to aspire to. It makes success tangible and not just a dream. Read more>>

Sarah Laird | Artist / Painter

I am inspired by many things… music, colors, dreams and nature are a few. However, I am most inspired by relationships. Whether those relationships are with people, nature, or God, they have a heavy influence on my work. Read more>>

Heather Wells | Board Certified Cognitive Specialist, Speech-Language Pathologist, Author & Speaker

I am grateful for this question because all of us need to recognize what speaks to our souls. Yet many of the kids we work with cannot answer this; they are not in touch with who they are at their core because of social, emotional, sensorimotor, or cognitive issues. Read more>>