We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Karmin Lucius | Cookier

My son Michael. Read more>>

Awtee The Esthie | Esthetician/Lash Artist

In a short answer I’m most inspired by the future. I’ve always been someone who prides myself on stepping outside of my comfort zone. I feel like when we get comfortable with being uncomfortable, that’s when we surprise ourselves. It’s inspiring to look back at your journey and see all the progress that’s been made, and what progress is yet still to come. Read more>>

Brandy Frazier | Modern Macrame Fiber Artist

I think in my art, what I’m most inspired by is a calm peaceful environment. I have a neurological movement disorder that dictates much of what I do day to day. Most of my days are spent creating in silence. I love music but I rarely listen to music or turn on a TV while I’m creating. I’m a fiber artist, this includes layered macrame wallhangings, loom weaving and macra-weave. My focus is creating what I consider calming textural art. Read more>>