Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Tracy Knott | Calligraphy, Watercolor Artist and Invitation Designer

I’ve always had a love of lettering and artsy things, but it was during my oldest son’s engagement that I was first exposed to calligraphy and the world of custom wedding stationery. ​I was captivated with the beauty and grace of our names dancing across that envelope and decided then and there that I would pursue learning that skill so I could address my younger son’s wedding invitations when he got engaged. The almost ancient quality of calligraphy, writing by hand, dipping my pen in ink and carefully forming each stroke with intention and precision; it brings me such peace and joy. I fell forever in love. Read more>>

Anavaleria Sosa | Owner of Photohaus & Glamhaus Photo Booth

Being a young entrepreneur is something I always had on my vision boards. I knew I wanted to be my own boss and create something for myself that would give me freedom. As soon as I started college I knew the creative side of my personality would be a driving force for my success. I excelled in anything that called for me to use this strength and I didn’t see a reason why not to harness it. So I started my first business, Photohaus Photography. I turned a hobby of mine into a stream of income that I could call my own and I enjoyed being in my creative space. With time my dreams of a creative empire have grown and I have now created Glamhaus Photo Booth to further push this passion project of mine. Read more>>

Dr. Rusty Barrier & Dr. Tricia Seymour | Naturopath, Licensed Professional Counselor

We are serial entrepreneurs, so the process generally goes something like this: 1) What is the community missing that we could provide.? 2) Is this something we would enjoy doing? 3) Is this something that can become self-sustaining within 12-18 months? If the answer is Yes to all 3 then we choose to move forward, if not we wait for a new idea to arise. Read more>>

Shawnè Poplar | Owner & Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor (LPC-S)

Creating a private practice therapy center, focused on anxiety, OCD, and chronic illness, came to fruition during 2020, when the world appeared to be turned on its head. Suddenly, I had time to mull over my personal and professional goals and figure out what mark I wanted to make on the mental health community. The big “aha” moment happened when the reality of my own chronic illness symptoms smacked me in the face. Dealing with the daily health rollercoaster made me realize the importance of creating an accommodating environment not only for my clients but for myself. As a business owner and therapist embrace imperfection as an inherent part of the therapeutic process. Read more>>

Ame Odom | International Board Certified Lactation Consultant & owner of Cookies and Milk Lactation Services”

How much time do we have? First off you should know, I struggle with “talking too much”, it started at an early age and is one good and sometimes not-so-good characteristic that has continued into adulthood. With that said, I am going to try my best to be concise here! Initially the thought process started about 3-4 years before the pandemic began. There was and still is, a massive need for quality lactation care in our area. Thinking about the reality of it all, in teaching parents how to feed their babies, how realistic is it to do so in a hospital or doctors office setting? Read more>>

LaTonya MeChelle | The LoveChologist

“I have been in business since 2016 this time around. I realized last year that I wasn’t truly in business. I existed, but I wasn’t making money, and I was living in fear. I had to accept that I could never give my clients what they deserved until I got it together. So, I took a sabbatical and regrouped. The LaTonya MeChelle Experience is all about CHOICES: Constantly Having Opportunities to Increase Change & Empower Self. In my mind, whatever services my brand provides, I always want my clients to walk away with a CHOICES mindset and knowing that my team did its part to lead them there. We are here to serve and better our client’s way of thinking. Read more>>

Rori Mitchell | Travel Advisor & Event Consultant

My thought process with starting my own business is I wanted to show my son we need to invest in ourselves. Invest in yourself and put just as much work in your company that you put into the bigger companies. Read more>>

Jamie Love | Restauranter, Food Truck Owner, Caterer, Business and Education Consultant, & Tax Business Owner

Starting my own business has always been a dream of mine. I witnessed many of my associates with thriving businesses and I admired them for having the courage to start their own business and I took mental notes of best practices. Although I obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration, I lacked the experience and tools to start and maintain a successful business. During the Covid 19 Pandemic I decided that this was the best time to start my business full -time and ultimately become a serial entrepreneur. I possessed not only the tenacity, but the desire to create a successful business. Read more>>