Starting and growing a business is hard, but often deciding to start the business in the first place is even harder. We asked some successful entrepreneurs from around the community to open up to us about how they thought about starting a business.

Faith Lamere | Social Media Marketing and Strategist

I have always wanted to help people. Making people a better version on themselves has always been a goal of mine. After College, I went into the Mental Health field for 2.5 years, although I was helping others cope with their mental health my husband and I realized it was not bettering my mental health but doing the opposite. I hold things deeply and keep them close to my heart and my cases started weighing on me. Read more>>

Jennifer Ortiz | Director of Miss Dallas and Miss Dallas Teen

I worked under the prior director Will Henderson who has since taken over Miss Texas USA. I learned how to run Miss Dallas and enjoyed putting on the production and meeting the ladies competing. So when he was leaving I decided to take over the business Read more>>

Dr. Kathryn Sarpong | Small Animal Veterinarian

A vet school class mate and I were meeting and discussing how we would do things differently if we owned our owned practice. This resulted in the 2 of us seeking a loan, and opening the first Metro Paws Animal Hospital on Skillman in Dallas. Our focus was to deliver pet care to owners in a way that focused on the whole pet and the desires of the client. We wanted great staff that was respected and valued to help deliver that care. And lastly, we wanted to balance care with really enjoying what we do. Read more>>

Yoni Lang | Chef, Wolf and the Fox owner

Starting Wolf and the Fox was a business my fiance, Liz Scobee and I started around 6 years ago. We started doing in-home omakase dinners for our friends when we had spare time between our full time jobs. Fast foward through the next few years of opening a restaurant in NYC during the pandemic, we decided to head back to Dallas and focus on Wolf and the Fox. It allowed us to work for ourselves and to find a much healthier balance in the industry. Read more>>

Deseree Cottrell | D

Well, I always wanted my own business at a young age and I grew up loving art but had a huge passion for music, writing, poetry, beats and dancing. As reaching my mid-20’s I wanted to do something different and help the city out at the same time, that’s why I started TripleDBattlez. Read more>>

Karen Ramirez | Home Stager & Real Estate Investor

My journey into the world of home staging began as a real estate investor, designing and furnishing vacation rentals. I discovered a deep love for creating beautiful spaces that not only felt like home but also captivated potential renters and guests. Read more>>

Maurice Smith | Founder & Executive Partner

My logic process when starting clean & pristine cleaning services was originally another way to create a residual income. .my vision for how I wanted my company to be run came very eye opening and broad. I did my homework and research how to cancel the middle man and market myself and I felt I could execute and stick to that plan. Read more>>

Melech “The Wolf” Davis | Wealth Revolutionary

I wanted to bring wealth into communities that doesn’t have the resources or knowledge to be able to get it done or know where to start. Read more>>

Johanna Hill | Latina fashion and beauty creator

I always wanted to do social media and after a couple of years thinking about it I finally decided to do it. There is never a right time so I just went for it. I’m not from the USA. I came to this country 10 years ago and obviously it was a challenge for me to create content in English since it’s not my native language. However, little by little I’m trying to open a path for myself and all the Latinas out there just like me who create content in both languages. Read more>>

Kelli Yarbrough | Travel Business Owner

My thought process behind starting my travel business was I wanted to be able to travel more and earn extra income. One of my friends who was doing well in the business suggested I join and the rest was history! I saw how the travel business was changing people’s lives and I knew I had to be a part of something that would retire me from the healthcare field. I’ve been a nurse for almost a decade and while I love the field it can be draining. My goal was to create a life that I didn’t need a vacation from and to simply be happier. Read more>>

Itzel Montero | Content creator

I started my business because I have a passion for videography and exploring new places. I have always loved to discover new places therefore I decided to start capturing unique places around my hometown and share them on my social media platforms. I am fortunate to live in city where new restaurants and stores are always opening up. I am fascinated by places with a unique aesthetic and bright colors therefore I always keep my eye on places such as that. I being recording every place that captures my attention for a few years now and recently decided to turn it into a full time job. Read more>>

April Scott | Owner/Chef Minority Owned Business

I grew up on the East Coast and have been in Texas now for 24 years. I started East Coast Flavors for two reasons. First I missed the unique food that you find in Baltimore Maryland. Because of my love for the flavors in the dishes that were a staple in my family’s history, I decided to share those flavors with my new Texas community by opening my food truck. My menu features some of the iconic dishes that Baltimore is known for such as an authentic Maryland crabcake that features Premium lump blue crabmeat and a Baltimore signature seasoning. Read more>>

Brittney Newton | Social Media Marketing / Content Creator

“Be the change you want to see” seeing so many talented artist without the right exposure, without a certain amount of money to do certain things, I wanted to create an affordable avenue for artist to display/market their music, while staying away from the gimmicks and the cliche of “negativity/drama sales”. I’ve started this platform to change the narrative, becoming the first female blogger out of the state of Texas, I wanted to promote positivity, change, growth, and the entertainment in the industry. I want to be a dot connector for artist, connect artist with DJs, A&Rs and more, I want to change the narrative in the DFW, I want to be the resource artist can come to, to further their career. Read more>>

Teresa Tysinger | Author of Sweet, Southern Contemporary Romances

When I drafted my first novel a decade ago, I assumed I would pursue traditional publishing by securing an agent, pitching the book to a publishing house, and waiting for my book to hit the shelves. After a lot of soul-searching, prayer, and chats with my super supportive husband, I realized a few things. My goal with writing books was to fulfill a personal love of telling stories and share with any readers who might enjoy them. I was not hoping to eventually replace my income and quit my full-time job in non-profit communications (which I love!). I also was busy enough being a wife, mom, volunteer, etc. that I didn’t love the idea of committing myself to publisher deadlines and demands. Read more>>

Jack McRoberts | Technical Producer and LED Expert

Since I was young, I have always bought, sold, and traded goods and services. If you had told me four years ago that I would be running my own business today, I would have said that was crazy. In college, starting my own company, let alone entrepreneurship was never a thought of mind. After college, I had plans to work in corporate America in public relations and marketing. It was only after my three-month internship experience in Houston, Texas, at a large Fortune 500 company that I decided to take the route of becoming my own boss and starting up my own company. Read more>>

Victoria Johnson | Owner of Admin Elite Services, LLC

I believe I always had an entrepreneur mindset at heart. This was instilled by my mother, who has run multiple businesses of her own. Also in mid June of 2023, after a family vacation I had the spark for a slower paced lifestyle. As a wife and mother of 2, I wanted to spend more time with my family. And, what better way to start my own business from my passion of Administration; so I can make my own hours. As well as show my kids what my mother showed me that you can be your own boss, and have a healthy family/work life balance. Read more>>

Liz / Lisa Dauwe / Patton | Principals/Co-Founders

Both Lisa and I (Liz) worked for a big corporate hospitality firm for 15 years, so our biggest motivation for starting Studio White was a desire to create a boutique firm with an intimate work environment. Additionally, we wanted a stabler work-life balance as we both have families! Read more>>

Daniel Mercado | Sports Director and Head Journalist of El Clutch Deportivo

Have a voice. Give the Hispanic Demographic something different that works in the past, like recap, but with my own style. Read more>>