We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Maureen Beville | MS, Owner & Instructor of Dwell Yoga Studio

“Fake it until you make it” This piece of advice has always annoyed me. Maybe it’s the strong wing of my enneagram number coming out, but I have always had an annoyance around “inauthenticity”. And this phrase seems to suggest that you can just put on a smiling face and fake your way through and everything will be ok, but to me that is not authentic. Acknowledging feelings of insecurity or fear and working through them honestly is what sets a person up for real success, not a fake version of it. Throughout business ownership, I have gone through various phases of feeling unqualified, ill-equipped, and uncomfortable. Read more>>

Jennifer Lehmkuh | Founder & CEO of Jennifer Nicole Collection

Don’t feel like you have follow the mantra of “staring at the bottom to work your way up” in order to have your own line, design your own products or find success. Experience is key to really becoming an expert on any given topic or any industry that you want to work in, but how you gain that experience is up to you. When I decided to start my own company, I was just out of college, hadn’t worked in fashion but was wanting to learn and figure out all of the moving parts. Because of that, I was able to teach myself every aspect of the business from design, manufacturing, website development to shipping, distribution and marketing. Read more>>

Tracy Robert | Fit Chick Cancer Thriver/Fitness, Nutrition & Life Coach

Build a Brand. When I decided to return to being self-employed and start my fitness & nutrition company in 2016 there was so much advice thrown my way. It was also a different world then in 2002 when I had my own Personal Training company. So I rushed into developing a brand, a logo, creating content and learning ALL forms of social media from Facebook lives, Instagram’s perfect photos, professional posts on LinkedIn, creating a YouTube channel and eventually TikTok (my favorite). I was ALL over the place and I was also recovery from cancer and literally had NO IDEA what the hell I was doing. So I think went back to what I have always educated people on in the past. Read more>>

Lashonda Burton | Entrepreneur

Go To College, Get Good Grades, and Climb the Corporate Ladder This is still such a common platitude that I feel compelled. Look… If you want to be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, or scientist, a college degree is necessary and this point is NOT for you. But if you’re going to college to “figure yourself out” or “have something to fall back on”, you’re making a VERY costly mistake that won’t serve you in the long run. The average college tuition is between $40,000 and $100,000. With that amount of money you could…. Start your own business and learn entrepreneurship firsthand Travel the world for 2–3 years and engross yourself in other cultures and ways of life Become a MASTER at some sort of creative pursuit. Read more>>