Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Allie Nyman | Photographer

I used to be afraid of taking risks before I read Dream Big by Bob Goff. He explained that it’s good to have dreams and take risks just make sure those risks align with the Bible. After reading his book, I decided to take a few risks of my own but I made sure those risks did not contradict scripture. I think taking those risks have grown my business and me as a person. I feel like when you take a risk you jump all in and hope someone is there to catch you. For me, that person is God. He has definitely blessed my business and my family more than I could have imagined. Read more>>

Esly Vera | product designer experimenting through millenary artisan techniques in synergy with artisans

As the Mexican saying goes “who does not risk, does not win”. Since I finished university I gave myself the opportunity to take the risk of discovering what I liked it, to try it and do it, and what I always liked was designing through artisanal processes, throughout the 13 years that I have been designing I have worked with the techniques of pedal loom, backstrap loom, weaving of natural fibers such as ixtle and palm, carpentry, painted in lacquer, red and black clay, high temperature ceramics among other materials and techniques. Read more>>

Senita Nida Hills | Lash Artist and Instructor

I think that without taking a risk you are really selling yourself short. How would you know what you are really know what you can actually accomplish. Taking a risk brought me to where I am today. I took a risk and quit my job making $17hr because it was getting in the way of me lashing. Read more>>

Kisha Balderamos-O’Leary | Entrepreneur

I think about risk as a frightening but essential part of the entrepreneurial process. I have always grown the most when I step out on to the unlit path but walk in faith anyway. Many people run from risk out of fear but I truly believe everything you want is on the other side of that fear. So, continue moving toward your goals until you smash them all. Then make new ones and smash those too! Read more>>

Debbie Stallings | Real Estate Agent and Team Leader

When I decided to start my Real Estate career, I knew it would be challenging and definitely not easy. But, instead of wasting my energy worrying about the future, I decided to spend my energy building my future instead. I made a choice to stop waiting for all the stars to align perfectly before taking that first step. We all need to do that…stop waiting for the right time, the right moment, the right everything. There is no better time than the moment you decide to take charge of your life. I decided to cross the lines in front of me rather than spending my life staring at them. Read more>>

Kourtney Birks | Influencer and Brand Strategist

When I moved to New Orleans to pursue my degree in Criminal Justice, I learned the power of taking risk! Being that I was in a new city where no one new me, I felt more comfortable taking small risk. While everything didn’t always go as planned, more often than not it did! More importantly I learned that each time I took a risk, I was one step closer to accomplishing my goals! Essentially, I understand that taking risk is apart of winning, when I take risk now, I do my best to position myself for the risk to be in my favor. Read more>>

Deidra Scott | Visionary | Entrepreneur

My mindset around risks has evolved since taking full pursuit of entrepreneurship. The way I see it, it’s similar to all the feelings tied to taking a gamble. When I realized what was at stake I finally chose to place bet on me every time, even if I am wrong some times. The role risk taking has played in my life/career has taught me how to become better with strategy and to surrender where my spirit guides me. So I’ve learned to not ponder too long, accept whatever the outcome is while becoming better and better at creating solutions. Read more>>

Shawndra Flores | Owner and Founder of Wildflower Glitter Co. LLC

Risk taking is a topic that everyone who is considering to start a new business needs to be comfortable with. Starting a company is a huge risk on its own because you can never be certain if it will successful. I am a risk taker and by willing to take leaps of faith, our business has grown faster and stronger than I could have ever imaged it would be. Read more>>

Kyanna Virgil | Licensed Esthetician & Beauty Specialist

I always say that the WIN you want is on the other side of that risk you’re scared to take. Risk by definition is: a situation involving exposure to danger, harm, or loss. A lot of people don’t take risk because they are afraid. However, being afraid only leaves you with regret and a bunch of ‘what if’ scenarios. I refuse to live with remorse. My entire life I have pretty much been a risk taker. Some risks were as small as dyeing my hair in middle school or running for class officer in high school. The biggest risk of all was quitting my job at the peak of a global pandemic and moving across the country. Read more>>