Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Leslie Hernandez | CEO

I think risk is the impulse that made everything man made happen. Everything around us exists because someone had the courage to take the leap on an idea and make it happen with action. Risk is for the bold and brave that have a bigger vision in life. Risk is an extension of confidence and both of them are like exercising. You have to keep doing it to build muscle until you reach a high risk tolerance. As a risk taker I create a life on my own terms where I expand my capacity and by thinking of the big picture I don’t stay stuck in one thing too long if it´s not working. Playing it safe is more dangerous because it creates a life of uncertainty and apathy. I prefer to have to ability to shift and make changes, even if it feels destabilizing at the beginning because the impact of failure just lasts for a moment, but the regret can last for a lifetime. More is lost by indecision than wrong decision. Read more>>

Dick Patrick | Commercial Photographer

A good idea is worthless without action and action usually has some kind of risk attached. Early in my career I had a high risk tolerance and I used it! LOL! I was not afraid of failure and I did that too. The thing is, when you have very little, you have little to lose. I understood that then and used that risk/reward ratio to make bold moves. Some worked, some didn’t but without taking those chances early on, I wouldn’t be where I am today. No doubt. Read more>>

Nychelle Elise | Tattoo Artist & Rapper

Being an entrepreneur is a risk in general. I feel like without risk you don’t grow. Although I tend to take risks as an entrepreneur, every risk I do take is calculated. Also making sure that the risks that I do take can potentially bring me closer to my objective or goal. I took on the risk of being a visual artist as well as a tattoo artist, I knew the risk was worth it once I factored in many aspects of this profession. Read more>>

Elyse Stoltz Dickerson | CEO

I often associate risk with fear. We have a fear of failure, what other people think about us, and the unknown. All these normal fears hold us back from taking certain risks. The only way to find out what you’re capable of is actually taking the leap. Every time we push ourselves into something that’s a little hard or a little scary, we see what we’re able to accomplish. For me, I think early in my life I would take risks where I was pretty certain I would achieve it. They were low-risk risks, and there wasn’t a whole lot to lose. With each one, I gained more confidence and less fear. I went from speaking up in a meeting to asking for a promotion and interviewing for a new job. With growth, and as time went on in my career, the risks I was willing to take were much bigger and had much graver consequences. The downside was a lot worse, but the upside was a lot better. Read more>>

Abbie Rich | Studio Owner & Choreographer

I am a serious planner. I have always hated taking risks. I wanted to plan each step and every dollar. Unfortunately, in business, that is just not possible. There is no way to own a business without taking a risk. I was terrified to open up the studio. I was afraid of failing, making mistakes and taking my family down in the process. I prayed every day that if this wasn’t the right path for me, that God would just take it away. Honestly, I prayed that every day, hoping that He would. It was so much responsibility and pressure. But, He had bigger plans than I did. I am so glad that I took the leap of faith and took the risk. It has taught me to let go of myself and let go of trying to always be in control. The risk was worth it! Read more>>

Dr. Hannah Winn-Milrany | Prenatal, Pediatric & Family Wellness Chiropractor

Our office is very different than the typical chiropractic practice. We have no set fees for care. Patients pay based on their particular financial means. This means that there is no max or min and that theoretically, people could be unfair with the payments they choose to make. However, the environment we have created is that of a family. People love and respect what we do, and in return, they value care and pay what they truly can afford. It was very risky setting up a business model this way because many thought we would be taken advantage of. However, it has proven to be such a blessing to both the community as well as the providers. It allows us to care for entire families, rather than the individual who “needs it most”. Read more>>