Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Stephanie / Erika Gaubert / Portales | Salon Owners & Hair Artists

We think risk takers are for the fearless, optimistic, and those with a clear vision of their dreams. Risk takers will endure the failures that come with it because they are aware that is part of the journey of success and they will not let failure stop them from making their dreams reality. Read more>>

Madison Truscan | Photographer

Without risk, my life would be so boring! I firmly believe that taking risks is what has led me to be the photographer and woman I am today. Although it’s often scary and anxiety inducing, I know I’ll grow from the process and become confidently resilient. Persistence is key. I remind myself every day that failure does not define me, but instead I am known for commitment to not giving up. Read more>>

Tricia Scheele | Equine Artist

Risk is a necessary part of doing business. Going to a show and being out of your studio all weekend is Risk.. Show expenses and precious time.. all it takes is one show to go bad…and you can’t pay bills.I learned early on to have multiple sources of revenue. Galleries, stores, commissions and horse show awards helped me keep going Read more>>

Stahley Sargent | Salon owner & Natural Hairstylist

The only way to become successful is to take a risk! If you think about it, everyday we all are risk takers. Growing up I was the child who always had a different mindset. My unique way of thinking has helped develop the bold and daring business woman I am today. Read more>>

Tiwana Bell | Psychotherapist & Entrepreneur

I think about cliff jumping or sky diving and there is this moment where you recognize with that leap from safety you no longer have control of the outcome. You’ve prepared the best you could by making sure you had the equipment needed or you jumped from the safest possible location. Yet, you know that when all is said and done, the entire result is no longer in your control. There is actually something freeing about it. Read more>>

Nathaniel Clemetson | Producer, Vocalist, Audio Engineer, Designer, Editor, Digital Marketer & CEO

I’m Forever Taking Risks. That’s a big part of what Delusionalpath truly means. Risk is a quintessential element of business, especially creative business. It can’t be avoided and it is a waste of energy to fear it. High risk = High reward right? That’s just leverage. Read more>>

Gaston Perry | DJ

I think risk taking is a sacrifice a lot of People are scared of not being comfortable. I took a leap of faith with becoming a DJ I never knew how or what to do to become a dj it took a lot of trial and error, But taking this leap of faith has changed my life in a major way. Read more>>