Are you thinking about starting a business?  If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Katie Chang | Photographer

I started my photography business when I was 12 years old. Though I had always loved taking photos, I never thought I could turn my passion into a business…especially at the point in my life where making sure I’d completed my pre-algebra homework was supposed to be my top priority. So, I was terrified. I was scared about what people would think of my “little photo business”. And it took a while to establish a school/business/life balance, stop doubting myself, and grow out of my shell. But the go-getter part of myself worked countless hours answering emails, teaching myself how to edit, figuring out my “style”, blogging, bookkeeping, and website-updating…until eventually, I did. Read more>>

Gail Davis | Founder & President

I had a twenty year career running large scale corporate events. I knew the needs of clients. After successfully finding a speaker that was not on the circuit, I realized I have good instincts for talent. I wanted to be a creative resource to others who were planning events. Read more>>

Jo Serrano

Reel Productions started with the idea of combining three talented artists/ producers to create powerful stories for brands and people. Script or no script, we specialize in the process of creating something from nothing for real people to create real stories. Read more>>

Mario Choice | Pastor

The thought process behind starting Vegan🗣ish was to help people become healthy by using the same thing that made me healthier. Read more>>

April Hartman | Actor & Producer

I didn’t really think about it at all. I just knew I wanted to act. That was my dream…my goal. I jumped. It wasn’t until years later that I even started looking at it as a business. I think that’s pretty normal. All artists just want to do what they love. The business stuff comes later I think. At least, that’s how is happened for me. Now I love both the “artist” part of the job and the “business” side. I look back and think it happened just the way it was supposed to. I don’t think if I would have planned it out I would have ever taken that jump. Read more>>

Milli Batts | CEO, Founder, Author & Humanitarian

The thought process behind starting my own business began while I was working as an On-Air Personality in the Radio Broadcast Industry back in the 90’s. Many listeners that were pursuing a recording career would often call the request lines during my air shift seeking a Manager or Artist representation. I would often provide a little advice which would later right out lead to managerial assistance. Initially, I would decline the offer but with some persistence, I would eventually agree to a short term contract in an effort to jump start their career path. I saw the need to educate and raise awareness among local Talent even back then. Read more>>

Tramonica Brown | Founder & Leader

The verdict of Trayvon Martin set ablaze in my heart that remains today. I knew then I had to become more educated in what the laws were and how the system plays them against the people. However, it wasn’t until what I called the straw that broke America’s Back the brutal murder of George Floyd that Not My Son was born. Read more>>