Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Darrin Miller | Knitter, Crocheter, 3D Printer, & Linguist

I started knitting as a hobby, and that first year, I made everyone in my family hats for Christmas. They were all really impressed and told me I should be selling them. My partner was very supportive and encouraged me to think about a website, a business name, etc., and the rest is history. I got an LLC and website the following year. So I definitely have my wonderful support system to thank for DM Knits! Read more>>

Joshua Stone | Joshua Stone | Custom Woodworker & Business Owner

I initially started woodworking when we purchased our home. To save money on décor and shelving I made them myself. I did that for a few years and got pretty good at making things that I designed for our home. During this time I worked a full time job for a beverage distributor working 60 hours a week. This worked out great for a while until the company I worked for started making changes and all of the sudden I felt like I was working for a completely different company. Read more>>

Clara Guzman | Owner, Events by Clara | Live this moment forever

The thought process behind starting my own business, Events by Clara, depended on how much I understood the Wedding/Event planning industry. Though I have always organized and planned many events in my personal life, I studied to learn in-depth processees in planning. In this case, planning one of the most memorable day in a persons life, so I completed a certification in Event Planning and Business Management. Secondly, having a strong mission. Read more>>

Isiah Richardson | Entrepreneur

The thought process for starting my own business is knowing that one day I will have my own kids. I want to be able to leave something for my kids and family when I’m deceased. My business will leave a legacy for my family. I’m the first person out of my whole family to go to college and start my own business. Read more>>

D K | Artist/Designer

In the early stages of my brand, I wasn’t thinking about creating a business. I wanted to make cool shit for cool people. I was on the Deep Ellum Art scene when it wasn’t over populated and so popular. I met alot of creative people and observed that no one was wearing cool local shit from the city of Dallas. I noticed people wearing merch from cities like New York and LA but never saw anybody wearing anything from Dallas so I began making my own t-shirts and hoodies and selling them at my art shows. Read more>>

Quionna Brooks – Evans | Owner of Ionna’s Touch

I wanted to leave a legacy for my daughter.. Read more>>

Holly Frush | Interior Designer / Owner H Interiors

I started H Interiors in 2016 after my father passed away. I thought life is too short not to be living and working in a creative environment, of my choice, in my element. I always knew I would own my own business at some point in my life. I thought it would be a brick-and-mortar store. I watched that idea morph over the years in many ways. I have always had an entrepreneurial mind and enjoyed many side hustle businesses. Read more>>

Veronica Smith | Licensed Vocational Nurse/Chief Executive Officer

My dreams of being an entrepreneur started as a young girl in small country town in East Texas that didn’t quite provide a space for me to “fit in.” I’ve listened to my mother & father tell stories over the years of a 3 year old walking around with an Encyclopedia spelling “Quebec” to anyone that would listen. That 3 year old was me. I was super inquisitive and always wanted to read from the young age of 2. Read more>>

Robyn Gray | Sports Performance Trainer & Muscle Recovery Specialist

My thought process behind starting my own business was the freedom to be creative and create new rules and boundaries on earning income and developing people while meeting the needs of a community. Initially I wasn’t certain if I had what it took to thrive and grow but I have a very optimistic outlook on life and my developing skill set over time within my business has shown that I can do this and I am doing this. Read more>>

Elizia Cardoso | Hair & Makeup artist (also known as Glam by Lili on IG)

Being a stay at home mom I was desperate to get out of the house and do something, makeup was something I was always good at and being a Makeup Artist allowed me to stay at home during the week with my kids and on the weekends I could go to work, make some money and meet new people. So I went to Beauty school got my license and started working on and off for a few years until I was ready to make it into my full time Job! With a lot of help from friends, family and clients I started to grow more and more each year. Read more>>

Ariel Henderson | Storyteller,Candlemaker, Author

Honestly, grief started the process of Teatime With Nana. My Grandmother and I were close and when I was a teenager she would take me to different Tea Parties. Each event was created for a special cause and I learned so much from just being in the room. So when she passed away unexpectedly, I went through a dark depression. Read more>>

PRINCE EHRICH | CEO of VisionRoyalty, EatGreedyEnt, & Swift Music Group

My name is PRINCE Ehrich, I was born in Liberia, I came to the states during the war of 2001, and I have been in the states ever since. Before staring down the entrepreneur path, I wanted to create a legacy for my family, but mainly and most importantly create opportunities for people who do not have the same opportunities. So I had to ask myself what could I do? How can I make the most impact? where can I position myself to touch and change millions of lives? i prayed and prayed, and over a series of dreams, the “Royal Vision” came to me. Read more>>

Raquel Silva | Entrepreneur | Sweet Joy Bites

I was born in Brazil, and these “truffles” are part of my culture (in Brazil, they are called Brigadeiros but let’s be honest, that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?). In Brazil, truffles are present in all of life’s celebrations. I moved here at the age of two, and since then, Texas has been my home. I am not 100% Brazilian nor American. I am a hybrid of both cultures. Read more>>

Cager L. Bradley | Owner of iLLfit LLC

Before the business idea there was the mindset change. As you grow, your last name starts to mean more than your first name. Legacy. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. But, “What if you fail?” “What if no one believes?” Remember I mentioned the midset change? That’s iLLfit. The gall to say “Who cares?” “I believe!” After personally experiencing a mindset shift, the business idea itself was there waiting. Read more>>

Terri Lynch | Licensed Esthetician, MUA & Herbal Tea Specialist

I have always been into beauty, makeup, and the latest skin care techniques growing up, and throughout my life. I can remember in middle school plucking my friends eye brows and doing their makeup all the time. Ive always had a passion for making people feel beautiful and special to love the features God gave them. After years of people asking me if I was a makeup artist or Esthetician based off my appearance. I decided to invest in me and go to school to be an Esthetician. Read more>>

Angie Rico | Florist & Drafter

It all started with the idea of wanting to have our own rose business and taking a risk. To tell you a bit more about Legacy Rose Tx started in our home and we continue to have a home based business , hoping to one day soon open our rose shop. We did our research and found there are many florist around the area, but there was one thing that was missing. A concept focusing on box rose arrangements in the north Texas area. Legacy Rose Tx specializes in fresh and preserved roses only. You might as why roses? Its a classic flower and you can never go wrong with roses. Read more>>

Megan Bridges | Realtor and Co-Team Leader

Freedom. Freedom is one of the first and largest reasons why I decided I wanted to start my own business. I wanted to be able to schedule my personal and business appointments any time I needed without having to ask someone permission. I wanted be able to work as early or late as I would like and see my family more often without someone else controlling it. I was working 5-6 days a week for almost 10 hours a day answering phones and staring a computer in the same place for over 4 years. Read more>>

LaShirl Smith | Publicist, Writer, Producer & Director

Once I figured out what industry I wanted to work in, the process was easy. I never wanted to work a 9-5, so I had to make sure whatever industry I chose, it would be something I liked but would come to love. I knew starting a new business would be a 24/7 adventure, but I was up for the challenge. Read more>>

Jade Dorsey/Crystal Holmes | Owners, Sneakersnob Shop

Jade and I met while our sons played on the same basketball team. We would often see each other and noticed we both had a love for sneakers. We started talking about the wins and losses we took trying to get the sneakers wanted. Those conversations coupled with our similar styles, the thought in creating a streetwear brand to wear with our sneakers was born. Sneakersnobs are those who are authentic to their individual style, in whichever type of sneakers they like. Read more>>

Calvin and Phuong Blackmon | Food Truck Owners

Both my wife and I enjoy cooking and seeing people enjoy the meals that we put together. It has always been my dream to open a small diner or some type of a small cozy restaurant, we began to notice how the food truck market has been growing We decided this was the perfect path for us to take . Read more>>

Paul Curry | REALTOR®

I had been in uniform for over 30 years serving in both the military and law enforcement and really wanted to become a ‘civilian’ again and try something different. I wanted to have the flexibility to balance my work/home life which was something I didn’t have before, and any decisions I made, good or bad, were my responsibility. My wife is also self-employed and works from home so we now have the ability to work around each other quite easily. Of course, there are occasions where that is not possible but more often than not we can choose the times we spend together or plan our vacations whenever we want. Read more>>

Keonte Dotson | Photographer

I started my business to help find myself again. I use to take pictures just for fun. After having my son I went through post partum depression. My friend encouragee me to find something that reminded me of a time when I was happy with no worries. I looked backat the pictures I had and thought about how confident I was when I was behind me the camera. I thought about being able to help other capture precious moments and being ae to have those moments last a life time. That is how I started my photography business. Read more>>

Charlise Walker | Professional Resource Consultant

My thought process for starting my own business was I wanted to justify my means, use my knowledge, and gifts. First, I wanted to do it the right and legal way. When I published my first book, I thought about forming a business. I definitely had to research and set up my business right. Working in the corporate world has taught me some standards and discipline. If I can do the work for big corporations, I can definitely create and work for myself. Read more>>

Dr. Marie/Kelsey Webster/Baxter | Webster, Marie (Physical Therapist) Baxter, Kelsey (Educator)

Kelsey (educator)- DFW born and raised. Graduated from DBU. Went on to teach at a charter school in Dallas, TX going on 8yrs. Have taught 1st, and 2nd grade. Currently support teachers with literacy curriculum. Marie (Doctor of Physical Therapy)- Graduated PT school in 2007 and decided early on to be an entrepreneur. Started with a home based Physical Therapy company in Chicago IL , and when I moved to Dallas TX, in 2010 the company was also relocated. Read more>>

Linda Wilson | President of Texas Country Music Association

I’ve been in the Country Music industry since the late ’80’s as an artist manager, booking agent, public relations & promotions, publishing and just about every other role there is in the industry. In the early ’90’s I developed Texas Country Music Magazine to cover the music scene and was instrumental in developing the Texas Country Music revolution beginning in the 1990’s when when we published the highly acclaimed print version, and took the phrase Texas Country Music to a whole new dimension. Read more>>