Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Vikram Patel | Creative Entrepreneur

The life of a solopreneur when first setting up and running a business can be very difficult. There are so many hats to juggle on your own. You have to think about key concepts like bringing in ideas, pitching and finding ways to validate them, having the operational speed to execute both big-picture conversations and detailed tasks, and most importantly, making sure customers and investors are happy throughout the whole journey. I wanted to make the lives of creative entrepreneurs and small business owners easier by equipping them with the exact team, tools, and resources needed for every step of the way as they aim to grow their businesses. And so began WON. Read more>>

Brian Santiago | Cottage Baker | Baker | Food Enthusiast

My thought process when starting my business was, in short, to connect with others through delicious comfort food presented in non-conventional ways, bringing new light to long standing classics and favorites. I often incorporate ingredients that one may have never thought to pair with another, using those overlooked or forgotten about and making them shine in their truest form. To me, food is what connects us all; it’s reason enough for a meeting with a friend or for gatherings, so why not make it worth it? Read more>>

Carter Sutton, Ocean Kafle, Matt Starr | Founders and Directors of Alliance for Sustainability

We decided to start our non-profit organization/club out of our interest for environmental science and care for the environment. Being able to get our hands dirty with something we care about is what drives us. Sustainability in many different environmental spheres is a huge issue at the moment, and is something thats commonly overlooked. Brining awareness to the issue and encouraging others to get involved in fighting the impending crisis of our changing environment is the only way to truly strike change. We love being able to watch people’s thought process transform as they work towards more sustainable practices and help us achieve sustainability in our community one project at a time. Read more>>

Michael Zamora | Guitar player/Singer of the band Posival

When I began Posival, I honestly didn’t have much of a defined process in mind. I knew I had a lot of creative energy to offer but I didn’t entirely know what that looked like. I had some supportive people in my life that encouraged me to start the band after hearing my songs. Our original bass player Sam got connected with me through a mutual friend of ours named Erick. Both Sam and Erick were musicians but weren’t very keen on writing songs. I knew for a long time (Since I was 15) that I wanted to start a band and Erick and Sam seemed to really like my songs. So, we started the band and quickly found a drummer. Since that time there has been many members in and out but I have still consistently found encouragement from the people around me and have made a lot of friendships along the way. Read more>>

Pete & Hanna Robbins | Fishing Travel Consultants

Fishing and traveling have given us a huge amount of satisfaction and pleasure. We realized that some similarly-situated people might enjoy those same experiences, but might not know how to go about making them happen. There was no central, objective clearinghouse for that information, and we could be that resource. In doing so, it would enhance our own ability to travel and meet new people. Many of our closest friends were people we would otherwise not have met but for the shared passion. The ability to earn some money from the effort is a bonus. Read more>>

SIBLFE | Independent Artist

We’ve always wanted to do music together. When the pandemic happened it allowed us to talk more and to create together in a way that we had imagined. The world as we knew it was different and our thoughts were filled with many questions. We wrote a song about thoughts called What Am I Thinking and we met an incredible producer in Ft Worth that we had been watching for a while. Because we live in different cities we knew that there would be a sacrifice and one of us would commute. As we were going through the process of recording. We began to talk about what we would call our sibling duo. We call ourselves SIBLFE which for us means doing life together with the people you love. Read more>>

Kimberly Munoz | Alpaca farmer

We didn’t start out with the idea of starting a business. I’ve always been an animal person but when I was young, I was allergic to hay. As I got older, my love for animals continued. We started looking at getting some livestock but with our land, we needed something that had minimal impact. Alpacas came to mind. With a great mentor, we learned a lot about them and our love for them grew. After getting our first herd of Alpacas, we wanted to give others the chance to meet and learn about them too. That’s when we started our business. Read more>>

Gia Hulet-Duncan | Owner/Stylist

Initially I was thinking “Am I making the right decision?” By giving up on my 8-5 and working strictly for myself… End result is yes! My husband, my kids & of course myself love the flexibility of my own schedule. I am able to attend my kids activities, maintain necessary household things & have dinner ready at a reasonable time everyday lol Read more>>

Taylor Lewis | Texas Country Artist

It honestly seemed like the only thing I could do at the time to get to where I needed to be as a singer-songwriter and creative entrepreneur. Thank God I have the love and support of my family. I wouldn’t even know where to begin if it wasn’t for my mentor at Songpreneurs, Amanda Colleen Williams aka my rock ‘n roll mama. She and the team taught me everything I know about building a strong and sustainable music business career. Read more>>

Javun Echols | Entrepreneur

Growing up, I watched my father breed show quality dogs, on a high level. I was always intrigued with the idea of strategically breeding the best dogs to create even better dogs. If you add to that, the joy of seeing the faces of the families that purchase those same dogs….oh, it’s absolutely amazing and rewarding! I wanted to be able to pursue my passion of improving breed standard and bringing families joy all over the world-full time. As God would have it, the stars aligned for me to be able to resign from my corporate career in May of 2021. Now I have the opportunity to do all things Fiona Grace Kennels-full time! Read more>>

Franchesca Guzman | Writer, Entrepreneur & Creative

I have been an entrepreneur for several years now – before opening the shop, my husband and I were the owners and Directors of Sandunga Dance Studio in Carrollton, Texas and East Harlem, New York. Our current business developed very organically and as a response to the uptick of anxiety and depression many of us felt in the midst of the pandemic. Working with plants has always been a form of healing for me, so I turned to that. Little did I know that so many others did the same – as I started caring and sharing my plants online, people begin inquiring about buying cuttings or asking if I could find specialty plants for them…it unfurled from there! Read more>>