A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by.  So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Edison Tai | Licensed Acupuncturist

My name is Edison Tai, I am a licensed Acupuncturist, I am from Taiwan, a country that inherits Chinese culture. My family in Taiwan is a Chinese medicine family. I have fifteen cousins, 11 out of them are medical doctors. Therefore, practice Chinese medicine is what I did since I was a child. when I grow up, I work in a big hospital fitness department, I help weak patient rehab, and also get a personal trainer certification. In 2010, I apply to a university in Daphne, Alabama, to study a doctoral program in Sports Management. That’s how I combine my medical knowledge and my exercise science background. Read more>>

Hiba Tanvir | Preschool Director/ Founder of Hope Kitchen/Radio show host

I love what Brenee Brown describes as “slash careers” which basically means we are not restricted by one job, designation. I’ve always been inspired by people who do a variety of things, have varied interests and passions. When people ask what I do, I don’t just want to be confined by my day job which is I’m one of the Directors of our family run business, Wisteria Preschool. I also volunteer with a non profit where I teach English to refugee women. I also host a radio show called Reflections with Hiba on Radio Azad where I challenge social conditioning, dogma and gender bias. Read more>>

Ashley Gibson | Dog mom & creator

Mema & Mama was named after the two women who taught me about nature and allowed me to be creative. I love mixing in pieces inspired by animals and plants. The three of us always loved gardening and being outdoors with our dogs. I also love receiving custom orders! This summer, a bride and I collaborated. She wanted a very specific look for herself and her bridesmaids for the wedding day. Even though to her it may have seemed small, it meant a lot to me to be a part of such a monumental day in her life. Read more>>

Kaye Thomas | Chef & Business Owner

My daughter is who inspires me. It was on Tuesday March 28, 2017, at 12:53 pm, that my life completely changed. At twenty six years old, I had just birthed my first child. I was scared, nervous, and unsure of how I was going to be the best mom I could ever be. One look into those huge beautiful brown eyes, suddenly my worries went away, and my whole world was ok. Being a role model for her is what drives me each and every day. Someone she can aspire to be. I already see parts of her in me, as she loves to cook just like her mom! Health is another big inspiration for me. I was born with sickle cell disease, and I’ve battled with it all my life. Changes such as eating healthier, and exercising are major in my life to remain as healthy as I can, and be here for my daughter. That is why my business Flavor Fit Meal Prep and Gourmet Catering focuses on organic and nutrition based meals. Read more>>