A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Yara Mohammed | Fashion and Branding Photographer

I am inspired by a multitude of culture, historical events, time periods and eras. I take inspiration from paintings, and various other art forms. I pull from structural elements of architecture for composition and look to color stories and blend it with whimsicality, elegance and myth. Read more>>

Charry Morris | Yoga and Synergistic Wellness Coach

I heard this recently: “if you are bored in your life, you haven’t lived an examined life.” There are always going to be peaks, plateaus and valleys. What good journey wouldn’t include hardship, betrayal, love, and laughter? Well, I believe that how we place our feet during the steps we are taking, determines every present moment. And if we can bring enough presence into the present moment, we will somehow come to know where our feet truly are and how they landed us here. I am so inspired by this kind of living. Fearless, warrior style living from the Soul. A life filled with Soul Mates, Soul filled Food, Soul generated Projects, Soul led Love. Read more>>

Jonathan Hoeflinger | Chairmain & President of Sharemeister

I am inspired by empowering others to take ownership of what they care about most. This is a core value in my life. Personally, I find joy in the creative process of bringing an idea to life. Professionally, I am inspired by the stories of business owners, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are working everyday to positively impact the marketplace. Inspiration and creativity are truly God-given. We might discover one good idea to make an impact during our lifetime, but we need to take ownership of our craft everyday for a good idea to come to life. The time and energy it takes to bring an idea to life is worth the effort. When you fall in love with the process to become a master of your craft, it is amazing what you can achieve. I get energized when I learn what others are excited about. We are always on the lookout for ideas that need a spark. Sometimes people just need that one person or organization to believe in their idea. It is a joy to become their first follower and watch the spark of an idea ignite a few people to empower a community. It is a pleasure to work in support of their vision. Music also inspires me. I enjoy writing and rearranging music on the piano. Read more>>

Kahlia Jones | Dance Teacher and Performer

My name is Bright As a dancer what inspires me is my joy, my pain, and my love. When I’m really happy I get a burst of energy that makes me move. It’s like no matter where I’m at, my joyful energy makes a regular day into a party celebration. At times when I am hurting, being able to taking my frustrations out on the dance Floor, is like a artist painting on a canvas telling my story of my pain. It’s overwhelming sometimes how much love I have inside me. I give a part of my heart when I’m dancing. Spreading my love through dancing and bringing smiles. That is why I will always inspire Big Dreams, to make Bold moves, and brighten Smiles along the way. Through my Dance Company. Read more>>

Whitley & Jamonica | Co-Owners

The inspiration for The Gleaux brand is women empowerment and self love. When we look good, we feel good. We glow! In a world that is so fast paced and success oriented, we want women to remember the importance of taking time for self. To make sure we put energy back into ourselves. We want women to feel sexy, beautiful, and empowered through affordable fashion. Read more>>

McKenzie Fitzhenry | Visual Artist

The dualities present in the world inspire my work. There are positives embedded in all the negatives of life, and this realization has helped me reframe my own experiences as well. Nature, the human body, and emotions are also major sources of inspiration in my practice. I often use these elements in my work to help convey intangible sentiments in a tactile way, underlining the dualities present by expressing the resilience and beauty found within the struggles. Read more>>

LaTonya Venters | Photography

I’m inspired by other photographers to see there ideas and there work makes me want to be just a good as them . I have been a photographer for two years , but i’m still learning and growing. Read more>>

Ariel Hartley | Musician and Songwriter

I’m inspired by being on the road, traveling to different cities, connecting to nature, strange phenomenon, colorful patterns, old castles, space, a good night with friends, trippy art, funky clothes, being in the water, live music, dancing, the human connection, and witnessing others’ resilience and triumphs. Read more>>

Sara Bawany | Social Worker, Poet, Author

I am inspired by positive and courageous changemakers, by those who can put nearly everything on the line to speak truth to power and to do the difficult work of creating culture change in our communities. That may come about through art, poetry, activism, organizational development, public speaking, or any number of ways. I truly believe that each of us has the capacity to create meaningful change and in the work I do, as well as the poetry I write, I see people trying every day, no matter how small or insignificant they are told their voices are. I am further inspired by those who are self-aware and recognize their privilege in being able to have the kind of impact that is needed, and are willing to put their reputations and selves on the line to do what is right, hold people accountable, and use their voice and power for good, whether on a large scale or within their own circles. Read more>>