There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others.  We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Sharron Christian | FOUNDER/CEO Diamonds on the Green Women Golf Organization & DC on the Green Youth Golf/ Mentoring Program

I feel the most important factor behind my success is keeping my faith in God 1st and knowing that without HIM this would not be possible. In addition, I’m very passionate about my vision and mission, I’m very open and fair. Also, being surrounded by people that believe in me and the vision is important and contributes to my success. I’m not consumed or worried about being in competition with anyone. As long as I run my own race and not worry about whose in competition with me it allows me to not lose sight or my focus. Read more>>

Terrie Self | Dog Trainer & owner of Hoodlum Hounds

A lot of people think it’s just about working with dogs all day, but it really is more about working with people and teaching them how to relate with their dog. I really want families to enjoy their dogs more and be able to walk with them and take them places. Read more>>

Valerie Garmino | Creative Director & Owner Valerie Garmino

There are multiple factors in order to be successful. In my case and for the Valerie Garmino brand, staying true to myself was the first step for success. I have always believed in what I do and felt passionate about it. I am the kind of person that works long hours without even noticing them, especially when I am developing a new collection or prior a fashion show. Monday is the best day of the week as it means new challenges and goals. I discovered that when I am under pressure it is essential to keep a confident mindset, so you can make the right decision at the right moment. Read more>>

Joseph Lane | Personal Trainer and Owner

I believe the most important factor behind our success is being aware that our customer base are all unique individuals with different needs, desires, personalities, and opinions. We treat every client with the utmost respect no matter who they are, however we know each client is a brand new slate for us to work with. We invest and serve our clients because they have invested in us! Read more>>

Laci Villarreal | Personal Brand & Product Photographer

The one thing that is most important behind my success and brand is the connection I make with other business owners as a person. I feel that a genuine connection between people is my biggest strength, especially as I showcase others in who they are for their audience. Being kind, loyal and considerate are things I strive for in my business because it makes my clients feel appreciated and like they matter. I know it’s hard for anyone to be the forefront of their business as they create a brand, so I do my best to make sure they feel comfortable and confident. Read more>>

Elizabeth Jones | Professional Organizer, Speaker and Writer

NOW I have a successful brand and business as a professional organizer.. But 30 years ago, I was a painfully awkward misfit roaming the desert looking for my people. You think I’m exaggerating. I was so invisible in high school that I spent sophomore year eating my lunch on the pink pleather sofa in the second floor girls’ bathroom rather than face the dreaded cafeteria. No one would’ve looked at me then and thought “Oh, well, there’s a successful entrepreneur and public speaker in the making.” And don’t get me started on all the jobs I stunk at over the years. Read more>>

Rachel Jones | Owner

I believe we’ve been successful because of our hard work, creativity, friendliness, consistency in our products and our customer service. We want to make sure they have a great experience with us! Our presentation is on point, what you see in our photos is the product you’ll receive. When I train my staff, they have to have an understanding that people EAT WITH THEIR EYES! They have to care about the product they’re making and it’s appearance! If it’s not to my standards it doesn’t go out to our customers! Read more>>

Kat Jones | Master Stylist & Salon Owner

The most important factor behind my brand are the relationships with my clients. They have to trust me for me to be able to give top notch service. I’ve known most of them for years now and have just started from servicing one person to knowing the family. A familiar face brings comfort in a salon environment. Read more>>

Jasmin Williams | Mother/Wife/Actress/Model/Motivational and Spritual person

The most important factor is LOVE Self love Family love Spritual love Agape love..lessons teach us about forgiveness, honor and respect but love comes in so many ways from family and friends, Support and love is the root! With unity a lot stands strong! Read more>>

Stephen Austin | Old Man Steve

I would never think at 81 years old I would have over one million followers on social media and be the favorite internet grandpa. Being on TikTok has given me a fan base I’m just overwhelmed with. Mostly young people who send me comments about how much they love me and want me to be their grandpa or I remind them of their grandpa Doing a “Cooking with Steve” on TikTok where I don’t actually cook, I just make a peanut butter sandwich or fry an egg, and it has brought me some amount of fame. Read more>>

Aristia Mosley | LMFT-Associate

I think the biggest factor behind my success is being authentic to who I am and what my original goals were when I started Puzzle Piece. Day in and out I’m very mindful of how I represent my business with these things in mind. I believe the goals I have for Puzzle Piece comes from a genuine place to help other people be the best version of themselves, and when working with clients this premise has shined through to allow success. I also place the fact that my business isn’t about me at the forefront of my business operations. Read more>>

Ykia Williams | Founder & Chief Executive Officer

The most important factor that is key to HER SKIN FOUNDATION’s Success is the women and children that are being served and empowered. We also contribute our success to our community partners, local companies, and private agencies that have supported us in the time that we have been established. It’s those that provide in-kind donations, and other capital that gives us the ability to do what we do for women and children with skin conditions. Read more>>

Apollo Woods | Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer

When I started a full-time career in sales, I worked for a sales manager who emphasized: “provide the client what they need to solve their problem and not your commission bonus.” His message has remained ingrained in my head for nearly 10 years. OKC Black Eats was inspired by the desire to fill a need in the Greater Oklahoma City Community. Provide a platform that attracts restaurant diners to an array of hidden Black-owned and operated restaurants. In the past 2 years, our mission is grown #BiggerThanFood and we now have taken the mantle of empowering business owners with economic development resources. Read more>>

Adjwoa “Adgy” Tyehimba | Co-Owner/ Social Media Manager Pan-African Connection Bookstore & Resource Center

Community Support. We treat the DFW community with love & respect and they repay us by supporting our business. Even throughout the COVID-19 madness, our customers near & far have kept us lifted above rough waters. I would also give credit to my mother & two younger brothers. Since we are a family operated business, everyone does their part. If it were all on one person we would fail. Read more>>

Jessica Marion | Founder/Business Owner

The most important factor behind my success is believing in God and keeping the faith. When things are rough and I lose my way, my faith in God pulls me through to fight another day. Read more>>

Lali & Paul Miles | Founder & Co-Founder and Tour Guides

The most important factor behind the success of Food Walks of Texas and what we have tried to be known for as a food tour business is that, first and foremost, we are in the experiential entertainment business, something we call “eatertainment.” There are a number of things that people can decide where to spend their entertainment dollars and we have designed all of our tour offerings with that in mind. Additionally, we are also competing with the fact that our tour guests always have the opportunity to eat, drink, and patronize all of our food partners on their own, so we knew from the very start that we needed to provide significant value-add to make the dining visit unique, enjoyable, and entertaining. Read more>>

Mike Sullivan | Chief Doggie Officer

Without doubt the biggest factor in our success in Paw Lofts is the amazing team of great people who work here. Read more>>